Texas Revolution

Amina Fazli

Velasco Battle

The Battle of Velasco, prelude to the Texans revolution and probably the first case of bloodshed in the realations between Texans and Mexico , took place on June 26 , 1832 .

Fredonian Rebellion

The Fredonian Rebellion was a dispute between the Mexican government and the Edwards brothers,Haden and Benjamin

Law of April 6,1830

forbidding immigrants to settle in territory adjacent to their native country.

Convention of 1832

The Convention of 1832, held at San Felipe de Austin, followed the Anahuac Disturbances,the battle of Velasco, and the Turtle Bayou Resolutions, in which many Texans pledged their support to then-liberal.

Convention of 1833

The Convention of 1833 met at San Felipe on April 1 as a successor to the Convention of 1833, to which San Fernando de Béxar (San Antonio) had refused to send delegates.

Battle of Gonzales

When Domingo de Ugartechea, military commander in Texas, received word that the American colonists of Gonzales refused to surrender .