Madeline Mcgartlin

Company’s Top Finance Recruiter: Madeline McGartlin

Madeline Mcgartlin

Madeline McGartlin was recognized as a top recruiter for the Kelly Financial Services recruiting agency located in Texas. Since receiving her PHR Certification from the University of Texas in 2005, Madeline McGartlin has established a notable career as a staffing and recruiting professional. As she recruits in the finance industry, Madeline McGartlin examines the experience, qualifications, and personality of the candidate being considered. By holistically examining a candidate, Madeline McGartlin is able to recruit and match jobs as effectively as possible.

Madeline McGartlin Reveals the Secret to Professional Growth

Madeline McGartlin was recognized by her employer in 2007 as the number one recruiter in the State of Texas. Since beginning her career in human resources, Madeline McGartlin has quickly climbed the ladder and has reached the top of her field. So what has fostered this incredible professional growth?

The Importance of Education

Early in her education, Madeline McGartlin was focused on cultural arts. She attended The Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas in 1984. Madeline McGartlin advanced her education at the University of St. Thomas and later at Houston Community College in Houston, Texas. It was in 2005 that Madeline McGartlin earned her Human Resources PHR Certification from the University of Texas.

A Passion for Your Work

Aside from education, Madeline McGartlin reveals that a passion for your job is critical to success. Because she enjoys interacting with other people and seeing how organizations function behind the scenes, HR was a perfect career choice for Madeline McGartlin. Not everyone has the same interests. There is no one-size-fits-all career path, but Madeline McGartlin believes that doing what you love and working a job that fits your skill set will help a person grow professionally.

Accepting Change

Many business professionals are reluctant to change, according to Madeline McGartlin. However, in order to grow as an HR professional, Madeline McGartlin says that she’s had to adapt to technology and the impact that it’s had on her profession. Madeline McGartlin has to advance her computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Teleo, Ceridian Recruiting Solutions and other HRIS systems.

Madeline McGartlin Recognized for Recruitment Skills

Madeline McGartlin has been a recruiting professional for many years. She has worked in the finance, banking, technology and retail industries. The earliest parts of Madeline McGartlin’s career in human resources were spent working retail. For 12 years, Madeline McGartlin worked for the Limited Corporation. Working in the southwest region, Madeline McGartlin opened Express, Structure and Body Works stores. Madeline McGartlin worked as the company’s first recruiter with responsibilities ranging from training and developing managers, hiring, and staffing new stores to merchandising.

Throughout her career, one of the skills that Madeline McGartlin has been recognized for is her ability to spot and recruit the right talent. So what’s her secret? She doesn’t just look for qualifications and experience. Anyone can have those. Instead, recruiters like Madeline McGartlin focus on personality and whether or not a candidate would be a good cultural fit for the company.

Indeed, Madeline McGartlin has worked to place candidates into positions where they thrive professionally and also enhance the company. This is what has made her one of the most effective recruiters during her time with Kelly Financial Resources in Austin, Texas from January to June of 2007. During that period, Madeline McGartlin was ranked her company’s number one recruiter in Texas and the company’s fifth recruiter overall.

Since earning her PHR Certification from the University of Texas in 2005, Madeline McGartlin has worked in the finance, retail, technology and insurance industries. These experiences gave Madeline McGartlin the insight and knowledge needed to thrive in her role today.

As she recruits new talent into an organization, Madeline McGartlin focuses on the big picture. She chooses candidates that are career driven, candidates who are willing to grow professionally and help shape the organization.

Madeline McGartlin Embraces the Arts

Art can be found nearly anywhere, and Madeline McGartlin has long had a passion for finding art in everyday life. She was drawn to the arts early and places a strong emphasis on promoting cultural arts within her Austin, Texas community. In an environment where arts in public schools are fading, Madeline McGartlin works to promote the education of art.

Madeline McGartlin opted to study the arts before she began a career in retail and worked her way into recruiting. Madeline McGartlin graduated from The Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas in 1984. For a length of time, Madeline McGartlin was more than a trained artist; she was a professionally trained ballerina who had to be in peak physical condition.

Madeline McGartlin’s artistic capabilities were readily transferred to her early work in retail. For 35 years, Madeline McGartlin’s father worked as a retailer. She was hired as a recruiter for the Limited Corporation, where she worked for 12 years as their first recruiter. Later, Madeline McGartlin opened multiple Express, Structure and Body Works stores.

Madeline McGartlin’s artistic skills helped her excel as a personal shopper for high net worth clients for Saks and Lord and Taylor. Madeline McGartlin reorganized clients closets and made gift selections for them. Madeline McGartlin also worked as a professional makeup artist for Estee Lauder in Houston, Texas where she traveled store to store during promotional events.

Madeline McGartlin Relishes Community Service

Family, friends, and coworkers all marvel at the endless energy that Madeline McGartlin possesses. Indeed, Madeline McGartlin is known for her steadfast commitment to community service in Austin, Texas. She uses her talents and interests to help members of her community as much as possible. Madeline McGartlin finds the energy and determination to help out her preferred organizations because they are causes she feels passionate about.

Some of the ways that Madeline McGartlin has given back to the community include:

MADD. Madeline McGartlin is an active member and advocate for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. Madeline McGartlin finds the statistics of drunk driving among adults and teens to be staggering and promotes programs to educate children on wise choices and avoiding risky behavior. Madeline McGartlin is committed to discouraging drunk driving and risky driving behaviors.

Ballet Austin Guild. Madeline McGartlin enjoys volunteering with this organization and fostering support for the fine arts. Madeline McGartlin is a former professional ballerina and studied the arts at The Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas from 1980 to 1984. She is a trained artist and promotes various forms of cultural arts.

Professional events. Madeline McGartlin is a big proponent of corporate philanthropy and enjoys helping however she can. Madeline McGartlin recognizes the benefits of organizing professional events for community reputation, building professional relationships and growing employee satisfaction.

Regardless of how busy she gets with her professional life, Madeline McGartlin says that she will remain committed to community service and encourages others to do the same.

Madeline McGartlin: Experienced Human Resources Recruiter

Are you looking to succeed as an HR professional? Then you’re going to have to learn how to juggle multiple responsibilities, says Madeline McGartlin. As a successful recruiter in Texas, Madeline McGartlin has incredible experience in the finance, retail, technology and insurance industries. Today, she shares some of her tips and experiences from the world of HR.

“There’s more to it than people think,” says Madeline McGartlin. “Technology has changed the way that business operates, and that has a natural impact on the way that HR professionals work.”

So what are some of the responsibilities that HR professionals have to juggle? Throughout her career, Madeline McGartlin has had the opportunity to:

Manage payroll. “This experience allowed me to get used to the numbers side of business,” says Madeline McGartlin. “Working in payroll gives you a different perspective on business operations and how to make sure everything is working as efficiently as possible.”

Benefits. Madeline McGartlin has always championed the individual and works to make sure that every employee is getting the benefits that they deserve. “Benefits are critical to getting the best people to join your team,” says Madeline McGartlin.

Building business relationships. Throughout her career, Madeline McGartlin has helped the businesses she worked for create new business relationships.

These experiences gave Madeline McGartlin the knowledge, expertise, and confidence needed to hold positions like Vice President Recruiting Manager of OneWest Bank, Sr. Recruiting Manager of Robert Half Technology, and Vice President of Staffing for Guaranty Bank. She has ample retail experience as a recruiter, personal shopper, and professional makeup artist.

Madeline McGartlin is MADD Over Drunk Driving Statistics

Madeline McGartlin is MADD, but in a good way. While Mothers Against Drunk Driving has had an incredible impact since its foundation in 1980, drunk driving statistics are still dizzying. It’s estimated that a person is injured in a crash every 90 seconds due to alcohol. In fact, one in three people is likely to be involved in a drunk driving wreck within their lifetime.

These statistics are one of the main reasons that Madeline McGartlin decided to join MADD and do something about it. “No one should die on the road, especially because of drunk driving,” says Madeline McGartlin. “People need to be aware of their actions and how their mistakes can have consequences on others.”

Madeline McGartlin Volunteers with MADD

Since becoming affiliated with MADD, Madeline McGartlin has become part of a national campaign to raise awareness and to encourage drivers to stay off the road after having something to drink. “You can call a cab or a friend,” says Madeline McGartlin. “No one should be on the road after consuming alcohol.”

By supporting MADD’s efforts, Madeline McGartlin hopes that she will be able to help indirectly save lives. The campaigns are naturally geared towards young adults, particularly before major events like homecoming and prom. Still, drunk driving is a problem that anyone can face at any age.

When she isn’t volunteering with MADD, Madeline McGartlin can be seen in an office performing duties as an HR professional recruiting top talent for her company. Madeline McGartlin looks forward to the continued success of MADD and increasing the number of lives the organization will save.