Robot Rampage!

Where robots appear...

The Robot...

Early one morning just as the sun was rising, Professor Chris strolled down to his secret lab at the back of his house, in a rusty shed. It wasn't an ordinary shed. It was his hidden lab. His lab was so secret that no one in the world knew that Professor Chris had a lab. In his lab, there were lots of wonderful creations that he have built. Professor Chris kept his lab very secretive so that no one, can look at his creation and copy his very own inventions. When he entered the lab, Professor Chris pushed his thumb against a rectangular board. Then suddenly there was a sound.
"ACCESS ACCEPTED," it said. Then he faced the wall and stared through a round eye scanner that was hidden behind a painting. Afterwards, there was that strange voice again. "ACCESS ACCEPTED," it said.

Then in a flash, a odd door appeared in front of Professor Chris. He went opened the door slowly and a creaking noise was heard. Afterwards, he disappeared into the darkness without a trace of his footsteps trailing behind.
When he went inside, there was several doors but Professor Chris went inside one particular room that was especially the darkest and the dustiest.

Afterwards he got out millions of keys and chose one key. He pushed and twisted the key into the hole. He opened the door very slowly and a gust of dust blew across the room. After that, he walked into the room and stood in front of his fantastic creation that he was going to test it out today.

He decided to call it Slavebot.