Crystal Jackson

A Colonial Doctor

A Little About Me!

Hi my name is Crystal Jackson. I am a dedicated hard working colonial doctor. I live in a small house in a village, and I am 24 years old. I live with my mom, dad, and my two brothers. So I rode on my horse his name is Rusty, and I was thinking to myself if I wanted to become a doctor.

I became a doctor by going to a school called medical school. It teaches you of how to use an ancient method to cure sick patients. We use potions to make people to get cured from the illness. I also trained myself in healing arts and licensed to practice. The purpose of being a doctor is to train to heal sick people. I am also related to Lauren Pruyn, Haadiyah Johnson, and Hannah Livingston are all my cousins. Haadiyah Johnson is an Apothecary, Hannah Livingston is a Milliner, and Lauren Pruyn is a Tanner.

The tools that I use is a knife to take out the blood from the patients and I use a mortar to crush herbs to make medicine, a hot poultice is a soft moist mass to create heat and warmth on the poultice.