Amanda Hartman


The Hindu's are polytheistic, which means they believe in many gods. They also believe in reincarnation, which is to be re-born. They believe in karma, which is if you do good you get good and if you do bad you get bad. They also have a caste system, it has rigid social mobility. You can't move up.

Caste System

At the top of the Caste System is the priests and scholars (rich). Second in the Caste System are the rulers and soldiers. Third in the Caste System is the merchants and traders. Forth and LAST in the Caste System are the laborers. And underneath the Caste System are the untouchables (poor).


The Untouchables were fed scrapes and they had the worst jobs. They were not allowed to interact with the higher classes. And they were not educated. Some school were set up for them but if they went to school they got fired from work.


Gandhi wanted to get rid of the British rule and wanted India to be self-ruled. This made Gandhi a nationalist. Gandhi used civil disobedience , one way he used civil disobedience was the Salt March. The Salt March was when Gandhi led people to the ocean to get salt since they usually had to pay for salt, they took salt right out of the ocean and made themselves. Gandhi was imprisoned for leading the Salt March and breaking British law.