Libaries vs iBooks

Why WSCA Should Have A Library

Three Main Reasons Why

English classes at WSCA encourage reading greatly and an average of 5 books are read throughout the year. Many students have to buy books, which costs money that could be saved, or get it on their iPads, which is bad for their eyes. Libraries would be better because they have books students can borrow and use in class. Also libraries encourage reading, include books with different reading levels and that encourages strengthening your reading level, and lastly paper books in a libarary do not irrate your eyes unlike books on the iPad.

Counter Arguement

Adding a libary to WSCA would be expensive and the majority of people want to stick to their iPads because it is easier to use. Also, not a lot of schools have a libary and adding a libay to school is just ridiculous. Libraries are just a waste of time because most students would not even visit the library and you need to fill it up with books which would take a lot of money.


I have talked to many people and the majority do want a libary to WSCA plus most books on iPad cost money so the libary would be cheaper in reality. Lots of schools do have libaries and it's not unrealistic. Most people want a library so it would not be a waste of time and people would visit it. And since lots of people want a library they can donate books and fundraising coould be done so that we can get a library.