about photography

photography has a lot of skills involved with it, you need to be and independent person and friendly at the same time.
you need to be committed to this job for many reasons like, you have a lot walking and standing you need to be able to make your own decisions and listen to others.
ou also need to be very involved in your work.

more about photography

Photoography is a very fun job you can do fun activities like, photo shoots and you get to work with technology.
You have to have some certain educational skills like, 1 to 2 years in post-secondary training and visual arts school.
You also have to have the ability to vcarry around 10 to 20 pounds for all the equipment you need.
You have to be able to see the difference in colors, effects and be able to see close up clearly.
Be commited to standing up alot and tale charge sometimes, you have to also have courage to tell someone what they need to do.