GRA Elementary Library Newsletter

Spring 2015

Library Open House

Wednesday, May 6th

Please join us from 4-6pm in the library for our Spring-themed Open House event. You can check out our book collection and digital resources and find out more about what your child is learning in Library. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Hope to see you then!

Teacher's Corner

Research in the Library by: Mrs. Tracy Johnston

This past month, our Grade 4 class was fortunate enough to have our Teacher-Librarian, Mme. Duncan, on hand for the research element of our inquiry-based Science unit on Animals & Habitats. In the learning commons, we first brushed up on our research skills with a Webquest activity and a book-based treasure hunt. Then, with Mme. Duncan's support and guidance, we began to research our chosen species of animals using the many resources our library has to offer. It was such a success, that we look forward to returning to the library for our next project on Rocks & Minerals!

Check out the latest additions to our book collection!

"Teacher Librarians at the Heart of Student Learning"

Thank you for your continued support of both our library and me, the Teacher Librarian! I wanted to share this wonderful video with you as I believe it to be the most accurate description of what we, as TLs, do for students every day and how passionately we feel about our jobs.
Teacher Librarians at The Heart of Student Learning
(if you are unable to access the video above, please go to:

Virtual Library

Did you know that you and your child can access our electronic catalogue and other online resources from home? You can also access your child’s personal VL account online.

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For help or more information, please contact your child’s teacher or Teacher-Librarian Mme. Duncan.

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