Little Red Riding Hood

by: Charless Perrault

Brief summary

This story its about a little girl that wears a red riding hood. She walked all to her grandmother house with basket of food. She walks in the wood and bump to a wolf that try's to get her basket. She knew he wanted it, later on she didn't saw the wolf. Until she saw the wolf at her grandmother house in her bed and her grandma in the closet.

Date of Attempted Banned

Date of Attempted Ban: was banned in two California school districts in 1989

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Reason why it was banned

Because it was assault of weapons. Of two little young girls holding a weapon cause of the story.

My opinion

Its ridiculous why they banned the book. It didn't really had weapons or nothing bad about it, I don't understand why? Just cause of two little young girls, it shouldn't be the other way. The book still interested other kids since its a pretty good book for some childrens.

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