Figurative Language

By: Reddy Bernhold


Onomatopoeia: a type of figurative language that imitates sounds and show sounds.

Ex: The duck went, "Quack" and flew away from the pond.

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A pun is a type of figurative language that can go two ways that has a play on words and usually comical.

Ex: If you leave alphabet soup on the stove, it could spell disaster.

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A cliche is a phrase or sentence that is used over and over and has no original thought.

Ex: Hold your horses.

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Irony is when you say something and you signify the opposite and is usually in a sarcastic tone.

Ex: A sign reads "Always Open... Closed."

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An oxymoron is when a phrase has two different words together.

Ex: bittersweet

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Cha-Ching (Onomatopoeia) went the cash register as a 68 year old woman finished paying. "Keep the change." demanded the lady.

"Thank you." replied the cashier as he kept the $6 remaining from the $100 purchase of Christmas gifts. When the woman left the store, she headed toward her penthouse 2 blocks away. Dorthy, was her name and she was about to find the turn of her life.

When she returned to her penthouse, she found that the door was open, and everything was gone! Everything except for her grandsons toy sign that stated,"Frog parking only... the rest will be toad." (Pun) She laughed at how tearable it was because it was on a toy tow truck and peeled of easily. She called 911 immediately and the operator stated,"We have already been notified."

Dorthy had wondered who had notified the police and why. She thought her neighbor, Daniel who she hates must have called in the incident. She also thought that the neighbor could have covered his tracks by calling the police.

She went over next door and found he was gone and she still yelled,"Anybody home?" There was no response, so when the police came she had no description to describe to them.

"Hold your horses, " (Cliche) demanded the police officer, "so you have no idea who robbed your house?"

"Correct." replied Dorthy.

"Interesting..." replied the officer. The officer was scratching his bushy beard and thinking hard on Christmas tomorrow as he was trying to concentrate. "Are any of your neighbors suspicious?" questioned the officer.

"Yes, my neighbor, Daniel."

"Does he have blonde hair medium length?"


"Did he know you were not home."


"He is not the perpetrator." (Irony)


"No, I was being sarcastic."


When they were done with the conversation, Daniel walked quickly into his penthouse.

"Daniel Goldman you are under arrest for committing a crime of stealing, any words you say will be used against you in court."

"Shoot you caught me..."

Then they brought Daniel to court and he was in jail for 3 years.

"Well this is a bittersweet (Oxymoron) moment, I do have the penthouse and the Christmas gifts, but no furniture." stated Dorthy.

"Here is your furniture." replied the police officer.

"Thank you so much."

"Your welcome."

That Christmas was one of the most busiest but everybody liked their gifts.