Badger Bulletin

May 2nd

School News

SETTING UP CANVAS: the link (button) below provides steps on how to set up a parent account on Canvas.

Accessing Internet from home when you have no Internet Access. See button below for more information.

National PE Week: National PE week is May 1st-7th. Teachers will be incorporating brain breaks during their classes throughout the day. Student volunteers are being sought to lead the school in a quick activity each morning to get the school body moving to start each day. Students and staff are encouraged to walk the track and be active during lunch recess as well.

Wisconsin Forward Exam: There will be a different subject each week that is tested through Wisconsin Forward Exam. Science will be the week of April 25th and US History will be the week of May 2nd. It is imperative they receive a good nights sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and put forth their best effort during testing. Thank you for your support with this.

Health: Students in health should have handed in the marriage interview (April 27th). We are planning on giving part 1 of the test next week Wednesday/Thursday for those taking the test in sections as each chapter is finished instead of as a unit test. It is the same test, but is completed one part at a time. See study guide button below.

Badger Talent Show: Badger Talent Show is on May 27th. Students will be walking to the high school in the morning to watch the performance. It will last 60-90 minutes, and then each class will be walking back and the school day will continue.

End of Year: 8th grade end of the year trip to Mt. Olympus is set for Tuesday May 31st from 8:15-5:30. Students will need to pay $20, and lunch is included. Students can bring technology, but they are responsible for it throughout the day. This trip is a huge hit whether student are swimming, riding roller coasters, or playing games. Students go off together during the day, and just meet up with staff at lunch time and at the end of the day. We look forward to seeing students outside the classroom in this fun environment!

ILA Classes

Stems: Students can practice on,, or by searching wwtw.

Read 180: Mrs Erickson is coming in to work on vocabulary techniques that increase comprehension. We will be practicing these techniques with nonfiction articles.


Stem quiz Friday - List 20 (12-25)

4Level- Gerunds

Outsiders- We will do a chapter each day and some sort of activity/assignment to go with it.


Holocaust Poems are due Thursday (all instructions available in Canvas under assignments). Packets are also due this week (Wednesday) They have been working on them in class all throughout the unit. We are starting a new book (The Outsiders) and they will be getting assigned reading to take home, so your child should be bringing the book home and reading it!!

System 44:

Student did a great job on their Wi Forward exam!

  • We will be continuing to work on biographies this week.
  • Students will start their Galileo- they will be taking the test in chunks and using paper copies.
  • read 20 min every night at home.
  • WE ARE IN NEED OF SOME DONATIONS FOR OUR GARDEN! We've grown so big that we would greatly appreciate any donations of potting soil and pots :)



Monday~ cylinders and cones


Wednesday~two-way tables

Thursday and Friday~ scientific notation


In 8th grade math we will be finding the volume of spheres and reviewing the volume of cylinders and cones.

In Algebra we will be testing chapter 9 on Wednesday. In chapter 10 we will be working with the square root function.


Finish spheres on Monday, Review Tuesday, Test Wednesday…scatter plots on Thursday.

To prepare for tests and quizzes in math, students should:

1. Check Skyward. Are all assignments in and passing?

2. Practice tests and quizzes from each section in the book.

3. Review pages at the end of the chapter in the book

4. On-line book has practice tests and quizzes:

mathblue westbend


All students have access to IXL to practice their math skills. Each class has different skill sets and skill levels to be working towards improvement. See link below (Button).

MATH CHALLENGE: Find the solution and turn into Mrs. Sternig: x + 3 * 2 = 18

1st Hour: Mid-chapter test on Friday covering adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

3rd Hour: Begin working on unit rates and determining which product to buy when given the amount and the cost (unit rate comparisons).

9th Hour: Quiz on May 2nd on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Moving into numerical patterns with fractions and working backward to solve fraction problems.

PLTW Science

Mr. D.-

Quiz on Wednesday. I will put the link to Kahoot on canvas, and we will be starting circuits on Thursday and Friday. Students are completing study guides today and the answer key will be shared with them tomorrow to assure studying of correct answers.


We are doing an Ice Cream Lab and Glue Lab this week.

Mrs. Miller's:

PLTW flight and space will be building and test flying their model aircraft this week.

Social Studies- U.S. History

Mrs. Paulson:

Students will be taking the WI Forward State exam in US History through Wednesday of this week. Thursday and Friday we will complete our ongoing My Maps activity.

Mrs. Miller:

Students will be taking the Wisconsin Forward State exam in US history this Monday and Tuesday. We will then begin 15-3. There will be a quiz on 15-3 on Friday May 6th.

Mr. Christophersen:

WI Forward Testing - 5/2/16 - 5/4/16. Similar activities as Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Paulson for Thursday and Friday.

Mr. Granzow:

WI Forward Testing - 5/2/16 - 5/4/16. Similar activities as Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Paulson for Thursday and Friday.