IR project- Echo

A Germanbook


You guys have all seen the movie Echo? Well this book is nothing like that Echo, this book is a German book and this kid named Otto reads this book called A Witch, a Kiss, a prophecy and the things he reads come true, but the book didn't get finished. The king wanted a boy but he got 3 girls (the girls names are Eins, Zwei, and Drie)and the midwife had to go in the woods and leave the girls there to die, but the midwife gave the three girls to a witch and Otto told about the king and queen and there brother (which is now the king) so the brother ask the midwife to bring back his sisters, but the witch will not let them leave. The midwife tried to take the girls away and the witch put a spell on them, so Otto as to find the 3 things they need to free them (the 3 things are- a woodwind by a messenger or a bassoon or a aboe. The German kids in the book they can work with Hitler for peace, but otto doesn't want to do it because he doesn't want the other kids to make fun of his face (because his aunt dropped paint on his face and it won't come off) he as a diseased and all the kids pick on him for it. Otto's sister left for a doctor thing someplace else, otto's dad his not happy because he doesn't know how to cook or anything or take care or Otto. Otto goes to school and work with his farther every day and he as to clean the house and cook because his dad works and comes home and teach a class for music, so Otto's family is falling apart because his mother died when Otto was born and his sister moved away and his farther as a lot going on in his life. This book Echo is nothing like the other book/movie Echo, this book is really good please read it, it is based on a true story of his life!!!!!