Becoming A Parent

Learn How to Become a Great Parent

Are you prepared for this wonderful journey with your child?

Becoming a parent for the first time is a very special moment in every couples life. The feeling of having a baby is quite indescribable because it is a huge blessing.But along with all that love and cuteness comes a big responsibility that needs to be fulfilled with a lot of care. That is why it is important to learn those skills and tips to keep you and your baby happy and healthy.

what skills are needed for parenting and how to develop them?

  1. Patience: Always stay calm and do not panic even when things are going wrong because it is not good for the baby.
  2. Ability to deal with the change: Many things change when you have a baby and you have to accept them and move on.
  3. Always give your child attention: always make sure your baby has everything it needs
  4. Ability to multitask: it is important to do other work that is needed to be done but at the same time you have to take care of your child.
  5. Reduce Stress: do not overload yourself with so much work remember to take a break once in a while and relax.
  6. Understand your baby's needs: By reflecting on what he or she does and needs
  7. Build your relationship: By bonding with your baby
  8. support the newborn baby's settling: make sure it is very comfortable and can sleep easily.
  9. Communication: new born babies only communicate with crying make sure you give what the baby needs on time and always respond to the baby.

Family Planning Considerations Before Having A Baby

How does the role of a parent change as the family progresses?

After becoming Parents It's common for couples to...

  1. Less interaction between spouses
  2. Less alone time for husband
  3. Relationship stress
  4. after having more children theres more work to be done
  5. More workload on parents as the family progresses
  6. As children get older parents become teachers and start teaching little by little to their child.

Styles Of Parenting

1. Brick-wall Family

A brick-wall is a nonliving thing, designed to restrict, to keep in and to keep out. In brick wall families the structure is rigid and is used for control and power, both of which are in the hands of the parents.

2. Jellyfish Family

A jellyfish has no firm parts at all and reacts to every eddy and current that comes along. In jellyfish families structure is almost non-existent; the need for it (structure) may not even be acknowledged or understood.

3. Backbone Family

A backbone is a living. supple spine that gives form and movement to the whole body. In backbone families structure is present and firm and flexible and functional.

Signs of readiness for becoming a parent

  1. Desire: The desire to become a mom or dad indicates you are ready to be a parent because you want to experience what it is like to have your own child.
  2. Responsibility: You have taken full responsibility both spouses and will share them equally.
  3. Love of the Children: Unconditional love and appreciation of children is a MUST to have.
  4. Committed partnership: Both spouses are in healthy and understanding relationship