Tivy High School Updates

Marking Period 5 Progress Report Period Ends March 10

Marking Period 5 Progress Reports

Marking period 5 progress report period ends on Friday, March 10 at 3:30 PM. Grades for marking period 5 progress reports will be available in Skyward after 4 PM on March 20, 2023.

Marking period 5 report card period ends on Friday, April 14, 2023.

Students previously ineligible can regain eligibility if passing all courses this progress report period.

UIL Eligibility Calendar is included below. Please have your student speak to their coach and/or sponsor about UIL eligibility.

Semester Grades, Credits and Attendance-Loss of Credit & Truancy Warning Letters

High School students are awarded credits for graduation based on semester grades and attendance. Students must have 70 or higher at semester average to have earned the grade credit.

All students must be in attendance 90% of the school days to be eligible for the credit regardless of the grade. Students who have missed 10 or more days in any class period.

We have processed loss of credit notices and truancy warning notices for all students. Families receive this notice by mail. Students can visit with their assistant principal for details on make-hours and attendance documentation.

Attendance make-up hours are available Monday through Thursday afterschool and on select Saturdays.

Students who do not earn credit by either grades or attendance will need to recover the credit in summer school or repeat the course.

Students need to be on campus as much as possible to learn, be successful, and stay on track for graduation.

Students who need to make-up attendance hours for credit will have opportunities to make up hours starting in March.

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Summer School Requirements and Opportunities for Students

Summer school will be offered on campus Monday through Thursday starting June 5 and ending June 29. Classes begin at 8 AM and end at 12 noon. Transportation will be provided.

Information for summer school enrollment will be shared shortly after spring break.

How to know if your student needs summer school:

  • Student does not pass one or more semesters of any subject especially core subjects (math, science, social studies, English).
  • Student has lost credit for attendance.
  • Student was unsuccessful on STAAR in 2021-2022 school year and did not complete additional instructional hours from HB4545 meeting.
  • Student is unsuccessful on STAAR in 2022-2023 school year and will retest in the summer.

Summer school opportunities are designed to help support student learning and obtain credits to keep students graduating on time with their cohort.

Check your student's success using Skyward Family Access!

How to set up email notifications for student progress in Skyward Family Access

In Skyward Family Access, parents/guardians have the ability to set grade notifications for your individual students. The access allows parents/guardians to decide if they want a progress report daily, weekly, or monthly. There are additional options to receive automatic emails from Skyward for attendance, low grade performance, and cafeteria payments.

The picture below demonstrate where and how to select these options. The steps include:

1. Log into Skyward Family

2. Click on My Account

3. Scroll to bottom and find the email notifications selections

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Kerrville Public School Foundation Supports KISD

We are blessed with the tremendous support of the Kerrville Public School Foundation! Consider participating in KPSF Trivia Night by signing up to compete!

Find information at their website:


Email: kpsf@windstream.net

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Course Selection for 2023-2024 School Year

Our counseling team has been busy this last four to five weeks meeting with students in all grade levels on campus and at Hal Peterson Middle School. Course selections determine the master schedule for the 2023-2024 school year. Master schedule building begins after Spring Break and will be finalized over the summer.

Contact our counseling office if you have questions about course selection for 2023-2024. Our course catalog is available online under the Counseling tab.

Dual Credit Requirements & Application Process

Feb. 15 AM, and Feb. 16 PM

Students may sign up with their English teacher or Mrs. Michalek for help with their Apply Texas application. Alamo College representative will be here for assistance.

March 10: Deadline to complete Apply Texas application for Alamo College dual credit classes: English 4, BIM, and Accounting classes. Apply Texas instructions available in Mrs. Michalek's office.

Class of 2023 Senior Newsletter Coming Soon!

Senior Families will start to receive dedicated Senior Newsletters after Spring Break. We want to help you celebrate our last few months on campus with the Class of 2023.

Class of 2023 information will also be updated on the Tivy High School website under students tab.

Enjoy each moment and keep marching towards May 26 graduation!

Grades, attendance, planning for the future all matter!

Setting Good Expectations Day 1 & Keeping the Bar High (Second Semester Review)

Campus expectations discussed and reviewed during for second semester.

1. Cell phones will not be a distraction to engagement.

2. Dress code is designed for professional learning environment.

3. Attendance is critical to success. Being on time is critical to success and campus safety.

4. Students/staff should not under any circumstance allow access to the building by exterior door. All visitor/campus traffic will come through main office.

5. The opportunity to learn and grow is available for all students at Tivy High School.

Student Assemblies were conducted on January 10th & 11th by grade level to review the following information:

  • Campus attendance and credit requirements
  • School Safety
  • P3 Campus reporting
  • Social Media Expectations, Cautions, and Concerns
  • Vaping Education & Consequences

Our Goals at Tivy High School.

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A Message for Seniors from Mrs. Riederer-College & Career Advisor

  • Seniors—it’s scholarship season! Don’t miss out on FREE money- check out the many scholarships available and get working on your applications. Scholarships available from the local Kerrville community are housed on www.naviance.com . Don’t remember how to access your Naviance account? No worries! Use the attached PDF instructions to sign into Naviance and start working on scholarship applications today! Deadlines and requirements vary, so be sure to check carefully what’s coming up.

  • Join the CCMR Remind and stay up-to-date on all job and volunteer opportunities, application info, visiting colleges at Tivy, scholarships, and more! Not just for seniors—juniors are invited to join too! Text @tivyccmr2 to 81010 to join; if you already have the Remind app, you can add the class ‘2022-2023 Tivy Career & College II’.

Tivy High School PTO--"PTO is dedicated to Tivy Staff Support"

Please join our PTO. PTO meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 12 noon in person and available by Zoom.

The Tivy PTO focuses their event on celebrating our staff on campus. It does not require fundraising and has flexible ways to participate. Please consider supporting their efforts by joining PTO. Your membership dues are used to support the staff.

Use the attachment below for 2022-2023 PTO Membership. Membership forms can be returned to the front office and placed in PTO mailbox.

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April PTO Meeting

Thursday, April 6th, 12-1pm

3250 Texas 534 Loop

Kerrville, TX

Please consider joining our PTO meeting in person in A121 or by zoom.

Purchase Device Insurance through Skyward Family Access

Technology Reminders for Tivy High School

Tivy High School will continue as a 1:1 device campus.

Device insurance is available through Skyward Family access and is recommended to offset any costs associated with lost, stolen, or damaged computers.

Students will have access to WIFI connections only through district issued devices.

Students are not permitted to access phones during instruction in classrooms. We want to keep their focus on learning. Thank you for partnering with us to find the balance for phone use.


Skyward Fines & Fees

Student fines and fees will carry over from previous school years. We will continue to contact parents and students about fines and fees. Please use Skyward Family access to process all fines and fee payments. If there are questions, please contact the school office for assistance.

Upcoming Dates

See the Tivy High School website calendar for complete list of Tivy Athletic & Fine Art events.

March 13-17, Spring Break

March 23, Student Job Fair during all three lunches

April 7, Good Friday Holiday

April 10, Student/Staff Holiday

April 15, Junior/Senior Prom

April 17, Professional Learning Day/Student Holiday

April 25, English 1 STAAR Testing

April 26, English 2 STAAR Testing

April 29, ROTC Military Ball

May 2-12, AP Testing Window

May 2, Biology STAAR Testing

May 3, US History STAAR Testing

May 9, Algebra STAAR Testing; Underclassmen Awards (more information to come)

May 15, Senior Awards Ceremony

May 17, Senior Panoramic Picture

May 22-26, Senior Week/Final Exams

May 22, Senior Elementary Walk

May 23, Senior Tivy Mountain

May 24, Senior Trip

May 25, Practice Graduation

May 26, Class of 2023 Graduation 8PM Tivy Antler Stadium

Tivy High School New Bell Schedule for 2022-2023

House Bill 4545 Information & What it means for our students?

HB 4545 establishes requirements for accelerated instruction for students who did not pass the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) in the 2022 school year.

Accelerated Instruction requirements are met by delivering supplemental instruction (tutoring) before school, after school, or embedded in the school day.

Students in grades 10 through 12 who require the accelerated instruction have completed their STAAR retesting opportunity. Once we receive scores, we will visit with all students again. Students will be provided with options for before school, after school, or during F.I.T for tutoring. We'll encouraged each student to log at least one hour per week in preparation for the Spring retest. Students are required to log 30 hours of additional instruction per test.

For our 9th grade students who were unsuccessful on STAAR in 8th grade, we have competed Accelerated Learning Committee meetings. . 9th grade students will also be receiving opportunities for Accelerated Learning based on their test results from 8th grade.

9th grade students do not have retesting in December but we are working to prepare them for success on upcoming STAAR tests in April and May.

All HB4545 students will have another check in meeting with administrator at the start of spring semester. December STAAR retesting results will be shared with students.

All HB4545 Meetings are complete. Students use tutoring schedule to log hours.

Flexible Instructional Time for Spring Semester

We will continue to utilize flexible instructional time on Wednesday between 2nd and 3rd period. Students have the flexibility to meet with teachers, make-up work, study quietly in library, or attend clubs/organization meetings.

In the Spring semester, we use student data including grades and attendance to determine small group assignments for FIT time. Students will check their Skyward Student Access on Wednesday mornings for an assignment. Students with assigned locations will report to classes for support (attendance will be taken).

Tutoring is available Monday thru Thursday in the library. Late bus is provided.

F.I.T Bell Schedule for 2022-2023

Vape Education Information from Course Fair Presentation

The parent toolkits below (English & Spanish) provides parents with information on health concerns of vaping, marketing strategies, and pictures/examples of vapes.

Please contact the campus if you have questions or concerns about your student.

Vape Education Information for Students

Campus Visitor Protocols & Additional Safety Reminders

  • All campus visitors must enter from Student Parking Lot/Main Entrance. Please do not utilize our flagpole entry unless necessary for handicap parking.
  • Please use the doorbell and state your purpose for visit. Staff will request photo ID to obtain visitor pass to move beyond office location.
  • Please report directly to main office for any campus business.
  • Students are not permitted to visit parking lot for deliveries or at any point during the school day without permission.
  • Help us keep students on campus throughout the school day unless checking out for doctor appointments, etc. Please provide attendance documentation promptly.
  • Tivy High School is a closed campus. Students are not permitted to leave for lunch. Please do not allow your student to come and go throughout the school day for lunch.
  • Staff entrance is for staff only. Students will not be permitted to enter through the gate for morning drop off.
  • Campus doors open at 7:15 AM. Students arriving before 7:15 arrive by bus or for athletics and are checked in at designated locations. All other students will wait at student entrance until 7:15 AM.

Campus Safety Training & Drills for February

All school safety drills will be announced in advance to parents, students, and staff.

In our fifth marking period, we will conduct our March Fire Drill.

We encourage students to use the P3 Campus Anonymous Reporting System for concerns with school and/or student safety.

See Something-Say Something Campaign

Four principles of a Safe and Supportive School:

1. Start with Hello-help end social isolation.

2. Be an Upstander--be responsible and respectful with your actions.

3. See something, say something anytime there is a concern.

4. Find a trusted adult.

Please continue to encourage students to follow the principles outlined in our "See Something Say Something Campaign".

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Spring is Here! Dress code for campus is still intact and enforced.

Please partner with us to make sure Spring dress code is business appropriate on campus:

  • Cropped tops and tank tops are not permitted.
  • Hats in the building are not permitted.
  • Pajama pants are not business attire.
  • Hair coloring must be a naturally occurring color for humans.