Color Games

by Breanna Day


Will it take longer for people to realize the ink color of a word instead of the instead of reading the word itself, or will it take longer for people to realize the word instead of the color ink.


I think it will take longer for people to realize the color instead of the word because it is hard for the brain to know that there is extra information even though it’s unneeded.


  • An online test
  • A data collection Google form
  • Participants
  • Social media
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Independent- the ink color

Dependent- difficulty level

Controlled- age, word order, and gender


1- Understand and research the Stroop Effect test

2- Create a test to conduct the experiment that includes the color names in the same ink color and with a different ink color

3- Find a way to get people to take the test (ask)

4- Create a form/survey to collect participants information (times, age, gender, and eye quality)

5- Analyze the differences in times on the 1st and 2nd test

6- Calculate the average time difference between the parts of your test

7- Compare the results between the gender and ages

8- Make your conclusion based on your results


The Stroop Effect was discovered and named after John Ridley Stroop in 1935. He created this test to show the effect of response times. This test activates two of the regions of the brain,

The right side- decodes words

The left side- analyzes color

The two sides then get conflicted because of the interfering/extra data. Then the anterior cingulate chooses the correct visual cue.

The Stroop Effect is one of the most famous tests. A launch occurred in November 2012 that attracted 1100 citizen scientists to explore the test. This test has helped many, understand a little bit better about how the brain works.


Females age 40 to 70- average time difference was 26.428572=26 seconds


My hypothesis was correct. There was a difference of 26 seconds between the two times. Although this test was on females the results of John Ridley Stroop were between male and females.