Kindness Counts

Learning about Kindness through Literature

Why is it Important to be Kind?

This month's character trait at Blakely is kindness, and for kindergarteners this is one of the most important traits that they are able to connect with. Kind actions, thoughts and words are an incredibly important part of their social and emotional growth, so why not use some great books to help us understand more about the importance of being kind!

Students will be learning about what it means to be kind and what kind actions they can do to make them good friends. We will work on writing a story about an act of kindness and create a "Kindness Counts" book sharing different instances that they have been kind. This unit will culminate in a Sock Drive project that lets us extend our kindness to those in need during this winter season. I will need volunteers to help out with this project, so if you are interested, please let me know!

Discussing Kindness with Your Child

Home is a great place to continue on the discussion of what it means, and what it looks like, to be kind. It's also a great reminder to us as adults about the important things we can do in our lives to show kindness. During this unit, please ask your child, if you can, everyday to tell you about what they learned about kindness. Believe me, nothing is sweeter or more honest than hearing a Kindergartener talk about this character trait!

Some Great Books About Kindness

How you can help with this unit at home!

Below are three activities that I would love for you to complete with your child at home during this unit. I will be sending home hard copies of each activity at the end of the week so you can complete them whenever you have time. They don't have to be long or extensive, but the idea is that they are taking what they have learned at school and continuing the conversation with you. This is an important part of developing their critical thinking skills as well as building literacy strategies such as retelling!

Activities for Home

#1: Please watch the following video at home with your child and then have a discussion with your child about five acts of kindness they can do at home. If you'd like to record the discussion (your phone works amazing for this) and then send me an audio clip- I would greatly appreciate it!!! You can text or email it to me.

#2: Between you and your child, please pick a book that you read at home or have read at home that exhibits some acts of kindness. Using the chart provided for this activity, please have them illustrate and write two actions and why they were kind actions.

#3: In an effort to help students see that it is important to take what we have learned about being kind and stretch it out beyond our island, we will be participating in a Sock Drive to help deliver socks to those in need during the winter months. Please discuss with your child the importance of being kind to not just others, but others that we don’t know, and how that kindness can really have an impact on someone’s life. Please write down anything important that you think your child said. We will be talking about the project tomorrow in class, and students will be creating posters to help bring in socks for the Sock Drive. These discussions and sentences below will be great content for our posters!

Like I said above, I will send home the activity sheets for these lessons by the end of the week. However, if for some reason, one gets lost or becomes scratch paper for the next amazing work of art by your child, feel free to email me and I can either send another one home or email you the document.