Mrs. Fry's First Grade Newsletter

Week Of February 8th

Thank You...

Thank you to everyone who came to Parent/Teacher conferences! It was a pleasure to speak to all of you! Remember that if you missed the conference and still need a time to meet, email me and we can schedule a time for before or after school.

Thank you to everyone who has brought supplies for our class. It is greatly appreciated!! We can still use a few boxes of 24 count crayons, a few bottles of hand sanitizer, a few boxes of tissues, and scissors.


We will be having our Friendship Party on Friday the 12th during the last period of the day. A sign up is posted below. We have a few things already so the list is small. We will be making a bag for "valentines" earlier in the week. If you want to bring cards for the party you may, but please bring one for each student. We have 23 students in our class. Also, please only put your name in the "to" section and leave the "from" section blank so that it will save time by not trying to match names for bags and cards.

Remember that Monday, February 15 is a teacher professional development day and there will be no school! I am excited to be taking an all day training on math manipulatives and centers!

This week we will learn...


Journeys, Unit 5, Lesson 21

Spelling Words- far, arm, yard, art, jar, bar, barn, bark, yarn, card, smart, chart

Bonus Words- better, night, pretty, thought, window


Go Math- We will continue with Module 15, 3 dimensional shapes

Module 15 Assessment at the end of the week


STEMscopes unit, Seasons and Day and Night (we will be focusing on moon phases this week)

Assessment on unit, Wednesday


Studies Weekly, Week 18 American Monuments