The Messenger

The Monthly Newsletter of Blessed Savior Lutheran Church

A Message from Pastor Sander

Death has been swallowed up in victory. I Corinthians 15:54

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!

My Dear Fellow Christians!

News affects us to a greater or lesser extent. Some news makes a difference in our lives, others, not so much. But, of all news, the news of Christ’s resurrection is the one news item that affects us more than any other news. It is personal, subjective, it has to do with me. The resurrection of our Lord signals and secures my own resurrection.

As we slowly reconvene in our churches after a year of no or sporadic gatherings, the Christian church retakes its practice of gathering around the altar of our Lord to receive together the nourishment for our souls: Word and Sacrament, that is, the Lord’s Supper. The sheer fellowship of believers in Christ is also a very important source of comfort and strength for us Christians. We are family – the family of God. We give of ourselves to one another. We live in unity and harmony.

I urge members of Blessed Savior Lutheran Church to come and collect the gifts Christ wants to grant you here every time we gather in worship. We are still cautious and follow the precaution rules recommended by the Center for Disease Control and the Wisconsin Heath Department. But we do not live in fear, because we know we did follow our Lord’s will in submitting ourselves to the authorities he put in place.

During the past year almost all the in-person activities at our church were cancelled. But not a single one of our mission projects was left unsponsored. We met every single one of them and even exceeded what was planned or aimed for. Blessed Savior did not default on any of its bills, even though our worship attendance in person since June has been around one third of what it usually is. Our online services are viewed by around one hundred households every week. Our viewership exceeds our state borders. We sometimes hear from people from other continents. It is God’s kingdom coming to those who did not hear of it before. God has expanded the reach of the message we preach at Blessed Savior. If you go to YouTube and search for Blessed Savior New Berlin, you will be surprised at the amount of spiritual aid

you will find!

Let us rejoice as we partake of the Lord’s Supper and celebrate his resurrection!

God bless you! To God alone be all the glory!

Yours, in Christ, Pastor Martinho Q. Sander

Holy Communion Procedures

From the Chairman of the Board of Elders, Rick Krause:

We will resume serving Holy Communion at both services on Maundy Thursday, April 1, 2021, and at all three services on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021. Going forward, we will serve the Sacrament at both services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. Some procedures will be changed until we are able to get back to normal.

You will be ushered via the center aisle to the table on your side of the church, either in groups of two people or in family units. We will not maintain a line in the center aisle, so stay in your pew until it is time for you to approach the table. Pastor will speak the words of institution from behind the altar, at which time you will remove your mask, eat the wafer and drink the wine, and immediately replace your mask. Place the napkin and empty cup in the waste receptacle as you return to your pew via the outside aisle.

If you have any questions, please contact an Elder for more information.

Serving Us in Worship

April Birthdays and Anniversaries

Preschool News

Stressed? Have you prayed?

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

All of us know about a woman named Hannah. Hannah, of course, was the mother of Samuel. We see that Hannah was not happy in life. She did not feel complete because she did not have a child. Having a child was a sign of worth and security. To make matters worse, Hannah’s husband’s other wife did have children. The fact that the Lord left Hannah childless left her feeling unworthy, incomplete, and hopeless. Did Hannah seek revenge and act negatively toward her husband or his other wife? Did Hannah give up and turn her back on God? No, in fact she did the opposite. She ran to the Lord’s house and poured out her soul, so much so that Eli, the priest, thought that she was drunk. Because Hannah ran to the Lord, He blessed her. He gave her a son. Hannah had peace because she was able to pour out her soul to the Lord.

Do you sometimes feel like Hannah? I know that sometimes I want to be LIKE Hannah. Instead of running to the One that has the power to fix me and things I feel, I run to others and hope that others will give me the answer. Hannah was so stressed about not having a child that she could not even eat. There was nothing physical that could make her feel better. There was no other person that she could talk to that could fill the void in her life. We see that after Hannah left the temple, she had peace and was no longer sad.

So why do we let this precious gift go to waste? Why do we hold on to things that we cannot change? Why do we internalize things and let them stress us out to the point of anxiety and depression? We can free ourselves by simply going to our Father and pouring out our soul to Him. God is the one that has the power to heal. We need to give it to God and trust that He is able and will handle it. While we are waiting for the Lord’s answer, maybe He is waiting for us to run to Him! I encourage you to use this wonderful tool that God equipped us with, PRAYER! Prayer has the power the change things, it has the power to complete us, it has the power to give us peace so why should we pass that up? Talk to your Father in heaven, He is waiting for you His dear child to call out to Him and to pour out yourself to Him – He is listening!

In His Service,

Jennifer Leinss

Passing on the Blessing

Through an act of faith (read: major gift) our congregation was able to pay off our mortgage – all of our $248,000. Instead of reducing our posted “weekly needs” in $1,200.00, our Voters’ Assembly passed a resolution to keep our “weekly needs” at the same level it was when we still had to pay a mortgage payment. This would enable our congregation to pass on the gift by donating extra grants in the amount of $1,200.00 per week to various causes and charities. Last month our Church Council allocated grants worth $15,000.00 to missionaries, the joint seminary fund, and six local charities. The Lord’s work among us is alive and well! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Sunday School at Home

The month of April holds for us the following stories:

April 4 - The Resurrection of Jesus

April 11 - Christ Appears to His Disciples

April 18 - The Ascension of our Lord

April 25 - The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost

Sunday school families will also work on the hymn "I Know that My Redeemer Lives". It can be found on page 218 in the One and All Rejoice hymnal.

Special Missions

For our second quarter missions, our Special Mission offering will support A Place of Refuge Ministries. APOR is a network of volunteers and staff who are committed to life and to caring for women facing crisis pregnancy in South Wisconsin. Through their program, they provide housing for mom's to stay during their pregnancy and as they transition to independent living. They also refer them to community resources, support them with a telephone hotline, and provide basic needs for both the mom and baby. May God bless their ministry!

Happy Anniversary! Jaime celebrates 15 years in the ministry

We give praise to God for Jaime Greene and the 15 years she has served as a Director of Christian Education in the Lutheran Church. As we look back on her ministry, here's 15 things you need to know about our sister in Christ...

1. Her first career choice was in the justice system, specifically in family law.

2. God called her to be a DCE after attending a National Youth Gathering in Atlanta, GA in 1998. Her current count of NYG is 8!

3. She graduated from Concordia University Nebraska

4. Jaime completed her internship at Cross Lutheran Church in New Braunfels, TX.

5. Jaime is happily married to Steve and has two children, Sam and Maddie.

6. She is from St. Louis and she is a Cardinal and Blues fan to the core.

7. Her happy place is a beach somewhere in Aruba or Hawaii.

8. She has served all 15 years of her ministry here at Blessed Savior.

9. In her spare time Jaime loves crafting, scrap booking, watching movies, reading, and hanging out with friends and family.

10. Over the span of her 15 years she has had roughly 500 kids in her youth groups.

11. Growing up she played basketball and volleyball and even has the scars to prove it.

12. Her favorite part of being a DCE is getting to be witness to that moment when faith goes from being something you learn about, to being something personal.

13. She is a sweet person that LOVES her sweets! Her favorites include ice cream, ooey gooey butter cake, and specially shaped Reese's peanut butter treats.

14. Her favorite Bible story is Judges 4:21.

15. Jaime runs on Diet Coke!