Continuing to grow our project


Focus: We will be to continue to practicing routines . We will continue to use counting. We will begin to add learning about colors. We will explore apple tastes. We will read traditional folk stories; learn new words, songs and finger plays, and the letter A. Students will work cooperatively.

Students will

o learn about apples, circles and colors

o work cooperatively in centers and during outside activities

o taste, compare and graph

o learn about traditional folk songs and stories

o learn about and make the letter

o Glue and cut

o Learn new songs and finger plays

o use one-to-one number correspondence

o learn about the science of apples

Working with your Child

Please Go to My Google Docs

I have added apple words to our farm project page.

Conversation Starters

Conversation starters:

try various apple products,

Point out red, green and yellow objects.

Look for the letter “A” in Environmental print and packaging.

Visit a Farm Store, Farm or orchard.

Cut out vocabulary cards words and glue to cards, play with them.

FIELD TRIP!!!! We are going to the Farm

Yes! October 24th.

The price is $7.50.

Adults must pay too.

If you are an approved volunteer you may join us.

Anyone who is approved may go.

Reminders - Heath forms and Head phones

Every child needs to have Health forms on File.

The physical need to be LESS than one year old.

If you do not have a form, let me know.

If you do not have a physical form on file, but have an appointment, let me know I can note your file.

We need every child who wants to use the listening center to have his or her own earphones for sanitary reasons.

So far only two students have brought in headphones. We would like to open the center up soon. I have seen some inexpensive ones at places like Homegoods/Marshalls.

Send in the Clothing

It can get cold as the weather changes.

Please pack a sweater or jacket in your child’s back pack.

Our classroom may be cold.

Also a light weight small blanket or throw will help your child feel comfortable.

We might need longs pants soon... one can hope!

Favorite Links....remember the commercials are crazy, so turn off the sound until the video starts or get a pop-up blocker. The political ones are really frightening.