Technology Spotlight

2nd Edition

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Technology at Wakefield is to be integrated with instruction in authentic and meaningful ways and used to enhance our already outstanding curriculum. Below are just a few examples of how some of our amazing teachers and staff are using technology to engage our students!


What is it?

  • WeVideo is a cloud-based collaborative video platform for the creation and editing of video. Click here to access and here for training resources.
Featured Educator(s): Ms. Enders, Mr. Post, & Ms. Lowry
  • In their composition classes, the seventh grade students wrote family narratives based on interviews with family members. They then searched for photos or images that would illustrate those stories. In doing this, they had to visualize events, connect images with the stories, and add more descriptive details. Terry Lowry then showed them how to combine their stories and images through WeVideo. By reading the narratives aloud to record, students learned to revise for better fluency and word choice, and to edit for more effective and correct punctuation.

What the students are saying:

  • According to Bobby Guiney, "I think WeVideo is a great website to make a video because you can choose your background, choose pictures, to make a story of your own. At the beginning there were some difficulties with the audio and music, but that was figured out throughout the project. I think we should use WeVideo next year because it is easy to use, fun, and awesome to make videos about anything."

SMART Notebook

What is it?
  • SMART Notebook is used to design interactive lessons that can be used with a SMARTBoard or virtually any interactive device. You can download it here and/or click here for training resources. Email Terry Lowry for Wakefield's license key.

Featured Educator(s): Senora Lizarraga

  • Senora Lizarraga is a SMART Notebook guru! She has designed tons of interactive lessons using the software in order to keep her students engaged. Under her direction, the SMARTboard is much more than just a whiteboard. It becomes a tool to truly enhance learning. She is also always willing to help others learn how to use the software, which is much appreciated!

What the students are saying:

  • "Senora uses the board for cool games and other activities. She calls us up to the board to work with the games. We learn a lot and it's a lot of fun!"

It's Your Turn!

Congratulations to the teachers who have been working diligently to engage students in new and innovative ways! Going forward, a Technology Spotlight brochure like this one will go out regularly so that we can recognize the work that is being done. If you would like to be featured in the flyer, or if you would like to nominate another teacher to be featured, just click here and complete the short form. In this way we can share our ideas and successes and learn from each other.