unwanted species

partners in crime


an invasive species is something that doesn't grow in Canada naturally and was brought over by people who do not think. what do they do? they invade and kill off other species and invade gardens and take over some of an Eco system.

the common name

my organisms are named commonly
-wild turkey
-Himalayan Blackberry

scientiffic name and discriptions

There known hangouts


Wild turkeys are found in Vancouver island okanagan and the Kootenays.they prefer valleys of wood and fields with some food. They are agile flyers.they are found in singles or flocks.the last sighting of this animal was in Vancouver island the area was stans backyard.it beats out the opposing species by doing nothing just looking like a turkey.

Himalayan blackbarries

found in gardens in forest edges areas with food and creek sides they came from Europe and was brought to America in 1885 by a farmer who prized the plant.the most recent sighting was in Abetsford. this plant over populates and eats all the opposing species and drowns it in its leaves killing it completely
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