Industrialization impact on schools

Education being affected


This period was an amazing time of American rapid growth. The population was growing at a staggering rate and so was the industrial labor force. American really started improving life by building roads, homes, buildings, and other advanced things, such as better schools.

Life back then

Wealthy families could afford schools or universities. Regular or poor families couldn't afford much education for their children. Also everything before the industrialization was done by hand was not as efficient as today's world of doing things. Education was not a standard thing to complete like in today's world

Education being developed

How was education affected?


Education didn't actually change at all. The developments that America made had tremendous affects on the opportunities being opened up to people. Education was then encouraged because more jobs were needed and more knowledge was wanted. There soon was the need for more than just farmers and tobacco traders in America.

What affect did it have on society?

Our society has benefited because a diversity of people are getting a high quality education. Larger amount of people can make more money and help America advance in any kind of way. Schools could get more students to learn because of technological advancements. You didn't have to do everything manually like back in time. You had a heater, running water, and more upgrades to keep more students learning daily in the classroom.