Exxon Valdez Disaster

All About Exxon Valdes

What Caused the Disaster?

On March 24, 1989 the oil tanker Exxon Valdez got stuck in a a coral reef. This caused 11 million gallons of oil to spill into the ocean. Another thing that was possible is that there could have been a drunk driver. This was a major disaster and still is today.

Who was effected by the disaster?

The disaster killed and harmed many animals. Also it killed four people and injured them. Another thing is people that sold fish lost their jobs because lots of fish died. Many things were affected and died.

How was the Disaster Averted or Cleaned Up?

The oil spill had more than 10,000 people helping and 100 planes.They also had to pressure wash rocky areas on beaches.Lots of people went to beaches to pickup dead animals after the spill. The oil spill had a big clean up. It was very dangerous and beaches still have oil on them this day.

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By: Chloe, Grace and Keelly