December 18, 2013

Wired on Wednesday

Stoodle...a great tool (& fun to say)

Stoodle is a collaborative, real-time, virtual whiteboard. You can draw (great for tablets), type, audio conference, and chat...all on your board. No log-in required! Great for quick brainstorming sessions...and no lost notes! - Worth a Looksie!

There are a ton of note-taking & study help sites & apps out there. Here's a new noteworthy Why do we like Classmint so much? It's digital Cornell note-taking with a built in 'fold' feature so students can easily study from their notes. Here's a sample...check it out!

Still lookin' for a gift for a techie?

Try Chromecast! It's only $35 & is compatible with Android devices (2.3 or later), Apple devices (iOS 6 or later), and laptops (using Chrome browser)! This is android's answer to Apple TV. Chromecast does not give you true mirroring capability (it's still pretty new), but it does work with Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Pandora, Google Play, and more. Wanna learn more? Click here.

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy some well deserved time with family and friends. See ya next year!