Walgreen Boot Alliance


Background Information

Walgreens was created by a man by the name of Charles Randolph Walgreen in Chicago Illinois. He had a little pharmaceutical store which eventually transformed into the first Walgreen. The company was then incorporated in 1916. The current CEO is Gregory D. Wasson. Walgreens has a lot of subsidiaries including SeniorMed LLC, Grenada Advertising Agency, and most recently Alliance Boot. Walgreens biggest competitor is CVS, which is basically like the same thing tbh.
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Factors of Production

  • Walgreens is known for its Health & Beauty division, and its pharmaceuticals.
  • Walgreens employs 251,0000 people
  • Walgreens net worth is $72.22 billion

Financial Information

The last 5 years Walgreens was worth $2.09 bill, $2.71 bill, $2.13 bill, $2.45 billion, and finally $1.93. The reason why the company has been doing how they are doing is because American's are slowly caring about their health life so they are taking more action on it.
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Stock Information

Walgreens stock symbol is WBA, and it trades in the NASDAQ system. The 52 week low for Walgreens is $57.75, and the high is $84.40. Today, it was trading at $84.33. Walgreens has not split its stock yet. There are 3,642,661 shares available to trade. Walgreens does however pay dividends and those cost $0.34. The last time the payed dividends was February 13, 2015. Citi said that Walgreens is a good stock to buy because it is on the bullish side of the spectrum. They also said big name pharmacies are only going to go up so they are a good stock to buy.

New Releases

One of the most major things that has happened to Walgreens is the merging with Boot Alliance. The merging took place a little less than a year ago, and I believe it has been helping the company out. I think this will help the company out because it is showing they are willing to go through the procedures to help the company out.

Another thing Walgreens is planing to do is introduce some more herbal pain killers.

I think this will help the stock prices and the increase of customer activity due to the world changing into a more eco friendly lifestyle. People these days are figuring out that the more natural things are the more better it is for a persons body.

Summary, Analysis, and Reflection

I would personally buy this stock due to the advancements they are planning to make. With the world trying to live healthier lifestyle I think it will help companies such as Walgreens out. I have been gaining the whole time with this stock on the game. I purchased WBA at $79.80, and the current price of it now is $87.17. It has been gradually increasing the whole duration of the game. I have learned in investing to buy the product at its 52 week low, and the product is gradually riding. I also learned to not put my emotions into the game because at times is upsetting when all my stocks are down, it kinda stinks. But as Jordan always says, gotta start at the bottom to get to the top.