A Road of Perseverance

By: Austin Daniels


Perseverance is when a person or other living thing keeps going and moves on over a overwhelming adversity. You see perseverance everyday life. For example you may not know it but when you argue with a friend and you solve it you persevered over an adversity.
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The rock climber and he keeps climbing to reach the top of the mountain and triumphs over his problem.

The Devils Paintbox (

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Aidan is morose but manages to keep going traveling hundreds of miles to get to oregon to find his new life. Although he faces many problems he pushes through
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This is a picture of Aiden when he is traveling on the Oregon trail

Kid President (Problem solution)

Robby Novak is best known as kid president from a youtube channel . He is an energetic and thoughtful kid. The only problem is that he has a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. This disease causes bone weakness, brittle teeth,and hearing loss. Due to this disease he doesn’t have much of a chance being a normal kid but he always finds a way to have a positive attitude. The solutions to this is he plays with toy action figures and video games. This shows that that helped him get through his toughest injuries. Another example he had some major surgeries and his sister Lexi who was always by his side helped him have fun. Lexi would ride bikes with him or just play games. Despite these adversities, he remains positive and energetic. Robby didn't just survived he showed people to move forward and persevere. One of the biggest solutions is he created kid president a online youtube channel and has pep-talks. He usually talks about make the world a better place or stay positive. Another example he dresses up in a suit on the kid president channel which shows that he can have fun and act silly but look like an adult. In the article it states “Give somebody a reason to dance.” This means he says that no matter if you like a person or not still give them a chance to be awesome. Due to these solutions he was able to persevere through his problem.

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A picture of Kid President or his real name Robby Novak

Information on Venn Diagram

Jackie Robinson was the first Black person to play in the MLB. He faced many adversity's but triumphed over the problems by being mentally tough. He also played on the Broken Dodgers.
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Losing to win (Carol Academy, Cause and effect)

Carol Academy is an alternative to students who get kicked out of their normal school for bad behavior or were they live. The academy is in tennessee, were the poverty line is 19.6% and the unemployment is 12.3%. This is the cause of so many kids going to carol academy So many kids get into trouble such as shoplifting, drugs, Abusive parents, and just not a good home. In these situations the students are enrolled here by the school or court ordered. When they arrive the have to do the normal Blocks of school english, math, geography , and science. And if you keep your grades up and are on no drugs you can join the basketball team. The basketball team is meant to give them life lessons within a sport. Although it is hard for the girls to play basketball because they are not that good but their situations a t home make it hard as well. One girl on the team ran away from home because her parents abused drugs. Plus one girl has anger management. So its hard to focus on the sport.. Although the reason they don’t fall apart is because of the coach on the team he showed them that through basketball you can solve your problem by having fun or talks before a game. For example the coach said “I don’t care what they think what matters is if you play hard.” That showed that he tried to inspire them to play their hardest and say just be you. When the game was over they were on a 208 losing streak and haven't won a game since 2006. They girls still enjoy the game. The effect of going to carol academy is they learned to behave and found their real personalities.When the due their time at little Carol Academy the are aloud to back to their normal school. But they will always remember their coach who taught them to play basketball and how to deal with anger, situations at home, drugs, and self-esteem.
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This basketball represents the girls from carol academy learning life lessons from basketball.

Winston Churchill (Description)

Winston Churchill is an Inspiring and Intelligent historical figure. He was born in 1874. His childhood was lonely without his parents because they traveled a lot .Throughout his life he has shown endurance , Pride, and Loyalty to his country. For example in during World War two he was clever enough to get the USA to help them in the war. He also Wrote speeches during when he was a prime minister. However he is best known for His writing skills. His greatest accomplishment were that he wrote several books and speeches. Plus help England to survive the war. During this time Churchill showed that he was one of the greatest Prime ministers there ever was.Winston Church once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference.” From this quote, we know that he shows that with the right attitude you can accomplish anything and it also says that he did everything for his country.


As you know perseverance is overcoming adversities. Well you should learn that perseverance can help you accomplish a goal or simply homework even everyday problems. In order to succeed in school home or everywhere you need to stay motivated, determined, and focused. These simple steps can help you accomplish anything.