scary storys 3:more tells to chill

Alvin Schwartz

Scary stories 3 : more tells to chill your bones, READ IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!

I think ghosts are real, JUST because of THIS book. I also think YOU should read THIS book because it will TELL YOU that ghosts ARE REAL. It tells you that when, people THOUGHT the people, that they were talking to were ACTUALLY GHOSTS. For those who believe in ghosts should read this book because THIS BOOK WILL tell you about GHOSTS. If you don't believe in ghosts you should also read this book so you know that you were wrong and that you will believe in ghosts. If you get night-mares from watching a scary movie or even by reading books this story will help you get over that.

HOPE Schladoer

Hi, my name is autumn hope Schladoer. I am a twin, my sister's name is Madi Schladoer . I picked this book, because I like to read about ghost's and scary stories.