Be a Friend, Give a Buddy

Donate a Scentsy Buddy to a Foster Child

Now thru November 30th...

Every day children are being removed from unsafe environments and being placed in foster care. For the first 30 days after this type of trauma children have a high level of cortisol pumping through their brain and have a hard time adjusting. Research has proven that familiar things and relaxing scents like lavender can help lower this cortisol level at a quicker rate.

This holiday season I want you to help give these children hopefully have an easier time adjusting to the change, by donating a Scentsy Buddy filled with a Lavender Scent Pak. What is a Scentsy Buddy you ask, Scentsy Buddies are huggable cuties that come to life with the help of a Scent Pak. Created by Scentsy to give a cute stuffed animal a little extra personalization and child a forever friend.

Scentsy Buddies are $25 and that includes the Scent Pak (tax not included). Please contact me directly via phone or email to order the Scentsy Buddy of your choice. For every buddy you donate I will put your name in the drawing for the Hostess Rewards from this event. My goal is to receive at least 100 buddies by November 30, that I can take to Heartland for Children.

Please share this information with your friends, family and co-workers!!!

Tiffany Ally
Scentsy Independent Consultant