The Scottsboro Boys

The Scottsboro boys (9 of them) were being held on trial for charges of rape against two white woman. These men clearly did not commit the crime. In their trial they show solid evidence that they didn't commit the crime. They show that they had train tickets and the woman did not; so they were not even on the train. They also show one of the woman cannot see properly and is to sick to of known it would of happened.

Alabama's Jury

The jury of Alabama was all white men. All but one of the men convicted the boys guilty because of race. There was no other evidence they could come up with that proved the boys guilty. The only reason the case went on so long is that the judge was not racist. The judge did everything in his power to help the boys, but in the end he has to do his job and had to convict them guilty. Guaranteed if these were white men, they would have a better chance than the Negros that were accused.

The Train Ride to Hell

The Trials Compared

Tom and the boys

In both cases were happening in the 1930s. The Scottsboro boys and Tom robinson were both Negros being accused of raping white woman. In both cases, solid good evidence was given that they did not commit the crime they were being upheld by, but there race closed the deal. Them being Negros at the time resulted in unfair trials. The differences were that the judge for the Scottosboro boys was helping the boys all he could, but Judge Taylor (Toms Judge) just let the jury take controll of the whole situation.