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December 7, 2015

Middle School Explora

Research made easier. That's the best way to describe Ebsco's newest search database, Middle School Explora, available to us through Morenet. This website is designed for the Middle School user with a wide range of resources on most topics.

Check out some of these cool features!

1. It talks! Simply click on one of your search results and scroll down to the button "listen." You can even choose an accent! You can also highlight parts of the text to be read.

2. It differentiates! You can narrow searches by Lexile Range. Not familiar with Lexile numbers? No problem. Simply go to "Limit to" on the top left side, click on "Show More" and you can choose Lexile Ranges by Grade Level.

3. It looks cool! You can bring up many magazine articles in PDF and see them in the magazine complete with photos.

4. No Wikipedia! Your students will only get credible search results.

And finding this resource is easy. It's already on your desktop under the icon Middle School Plus, as well as on our list of search databases in Destiny Quest.

Places of the World: Did You Know?

Neuschwanstein Castle located near Fussen, Germany is the model for the Disney Castle. The castle was one of many projects commissioned by the reclusive King Ludwig II of Bavaria. After 17 years of construction, Ludwig II died at age 41 with the interior of the castle only one-third complete. The huge expense of the project, 6.2 million gold marks, was used to help declare Ludwig II insane by the government. He was deposed of his honorary position as king. The next day, Ludwig and his doctor were found dead in a lake on the property. To this day, the deaths remain a mystery.
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