Salt Water Powered Cars

By: Abisai Lujan and An Rock


Our alternative fuel for our car is saltwater. The car will use saltwater instead of gasoline. Our car has some details that will cause less pollution on the Earth.

This is How Our Fuel Source Works

Our alternative fuel source is saltwater. Saltwater contains electrolytes, which can produce energy. Electrodes can channel that energy to the car's battery. Then the battery can power the car.


-Reduces a lot of pollution

-Supply is never ending

-Eco friendly and does not have any threats towards the environment



-There would be a lacking supply during droughts

- High cost

- Saltwater that is stored in the car could freeze during the winter

Car Design

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Other Views of Our Car


There was a family of four. They decided to go on vacation to Disney World. They needed new car because their current one had broken down. They found themselves looking at a Saltwater powered car. They saw that the car was environmentally friendly and fast. It was very attractive. They traveled 100 miles in 2 hours. The car could drive from 0 mph to 150 mph in 3 seconds. They really liked the car and they were very thrilled when they took it for a ride.

Speed Graph

The Y-axis is miles

the X-axis is hours

Speed=Distance/Time = 100 miles/2 hours=50 mph

Acceleration = Velocity2 - Velocity1/Time = 150-0/3=150/3= 50 mps^2