Please Stop Laughing At Me

By: Miranda K

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Please Stop Laughing at me is a book about school bullying and Jodees experience with bullying. A snip of Jodee first encounter with bullying was in elementary school when she started hanging out with Marianne a 'special' kid outside .Jo Ellen didn't like that and told her that if she plays with her he won't play together anymore, and she accepted and promised to not play with her.As years go on and as her bully get stronger she starts blaming herself that she was the reason why she wasn't fitting in though it all changed when she got a call from her father for a 2 week vacation which switched her life around.20 years later she went to the collage reunion and she was afraid to go and meet everyone, if they remember all the horrible stuff they did to her in the past.


The conflict is character vs self because as the events go on she started blames herself for not fitting in and starts hurting herself because of it.


One of the theme is about following the crowd.Truly, don't be afraid to be yourself and go out of line and out of peoples way to express yourself and be different no matter what people think about you.

Character Anylasis

Jodee Blanca is the speaker of the story, as told she was an only child with two parents, she worrys on how other people see her, she goes through many tough times through her childhood but came out as a strong women at the end

Textual Evidence

This quote "Hardest thing about being an outcast ins't the love you don't receive. Its the love you long to give that nobody wants. After a while, it backs up into your system like stagnant water and turns toxic. poisoning your spirit." really jumps of the page because it such a powerful quote to those who experience being an outcast and the way it would feel like

Book Review

I would give this book 5 rating because this book is meaningful and inspirational. It gives a good example on what goes on in school bullying that relatives do not even know that happens.