January 2023 NSE Mustang Message

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Message from the Principal

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful time during the break. We are ready to begin the third quarter, eager to get started. We will continue working hard to help your child learn and do their best.

You will play a crucial part in our success with your support from home. Your encouragement about school, reading at home, and bedtime routines are essential to making sure your child can do his/her best at school. There are articles below that will help you accomplish these things. Good attendance is also a key to success. Your child being at school every day will provide the learning opportunities needed to meet their goals. Of course, we do understand instances when students are sick. If your child has a fever, he/she should not be at school.

We appreciate your help at home. It will make all the difference in the world! We are a community and that makes us #MustangStrong!


Lundy Atkins

NSE Principal

January Dates to Remember

January 3- School resumes! First day of 3rd quarter

January 3- Amplify Reading and Math MOY testing begins

January 16- Martin Luther King Jr Holiday- No School

January 17-PK students begin MOY CLI testing begins

January 23- School Board Appreciation Day ~ Forward, Together Meeting begins at 7:00pm

January 23- 100th day of school (Wear your 100 Shirts!)

Every Thursday we wear our school shirts! :-)

Family Night 2022 Decorations

Capturing Kids' Hearts January Focus ~Respect

What is Respect?

Respect is the willingness and ability to act professionally and thoughtfully with ourselves and others. Leaders can deal respectfully with opposition and provide space for both dignity and differences to coexist.

Why focus on Respect?

  • Respect contributes to a positive culture. People feel safe, supported, and engaged in the context of thoughtful social, emotional, civic, and intellectual interactions.
  • Respect decreases conflict. Respect helps us, and others, to be able to express ourselves without fear of being judged, humiliated, or discriminated against.
  • Respect encourages empathy. Respect helps us to understand each other and put ourselves in someone else shoes.
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Great Articles for Parents

Attendance Works: A Community Imperative

Attendance Reminder

Students are required to attend 90% of the school days to receive credit for the school year. That means the total days missed cannot be over 18. If your child missed more than 9 days in the first semester, he/she is not in compliance attendance with 90% of the time.

Our goal for the year is to reach 97% attendance. Help us reach our goal!

**We do understand silliness does happen. Please follow all doctor advice and do not send a child to school that has a fever. Be sure to send doctor notes and guardian notes to school within 3 days of your child's return. When looking at students that fall below the 90% requirement, the attendance committee looks at all of the notes and reasons for being absent.

Thank you for reading!

Lundy Atkins, NSE Principal

Tamatha Pecina, NSE Assistant Principal

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