Once Upon A Prom, Dream

Presentation by: Fareedat Adeleke

Author: Jeanine Le Ny

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Once Upon A Time....

There lived 3 teenage girls who needed to get ready for the prom that will change their lives forever but first, they need to find their ideal dress. Tara and Nisha have gone to possibly almost every store in Nordstrom to look for one. Unfortunately for them, Jordan found the perfect dress in the first store she laid eyes on. Will Tara and Nisha be able to find the perfect dress or will they end up with nothing and not go to the prom at all?


In the book, Once Upon A Prom, Dream, Tara, Nisha, and Jordan are trying to find the perfect dress for their prom in 4 weeks. Luckily for Jordan, she has already found the perfect dress to wear. Unfortunately, Tara and Nisha still have to find a dress to wear to prom. This isn't the only problem they have. Tara needs to find the perfect dream date in time but, most of the guys on her list are either taken or just not her type. Then when a secret admirer starts texting her nonstop, she thinks he's the perfect guy but, finds out he's not. Nisha already has a date to the prom(who's her boyfriend), but her strict, Indian parents won't let her go to prom because they believe dating is wrong. So, Nisha decides to ask her friends for help but end up getting none. Jordan has the perfect life of a popular teenager in high school but, when she meets another boy who gets her she starts to wonder which one is the right boy. Will these 3 girls solve their problems and go to prom or will they not go at all?


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Represents how all the girls went through a lot of stress for preparing for their prom.


I would recommend this book to young teenagers because it has lots of drama that people love. Also it has action and a little bit of mystery that teens also love. This book would also be recommended to teens who are stressed out about their prom so it would help them with the same problems that Tara, Nisha, and Jordan are facing.


My opinion of the book is that it is a very interesting and suspenseful book to read. There were a lot of cliffhangers in the book that made me want to read on to the next chapter. If this book was a series, I would definitely read all the other books.