Media Center News

September 18, 2014

Student Checkouts

All students have visited the media center and have checked out library books! Please remember that students will only visit the media center during Language Arts to take AR tests and exchange books.

We do have a few that have already misplaced their books. Please keep a check in your classroom for any books that may belong to the library. If you want to call or email me with the KMMS barcode, I will be happy to help you find the owner.

Its Book Fair Time!

Our school book fair will be September 22-26. All students will visit with their Language Arts teacher, but may come at any time if they have money. We will close daily from 11:45-12:15 for lunch, and will close for the day at 2:20.

Our online fair is now open, and will remain open for orders until October 4. Please use the following link to view our online fair. You may share this with parents if you send out a newsletter or weekly email. Online orders are shipped directly to our school.

I have also given you a link to a Prezi presentation about some of the titles that are in our book fair. You are welcome to share this with students as well.

Book Fair Prezi

As always, the book fair video is available in your Google drive. Students will view this with their Language Arts teachers. In the KMMS folder of your Google drive, the preview video is the last one in the list should you wish to preview it yourself.

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Library Lessons

Several folks have already signed up for AR nonfiction lessons and lessons on research and report writing. My calendar is filling up pretty quickly, so if there is a lesson you would like for me to collaborate on with you please let me know!

Media Center Reminders

  • The Media Center is closed during WIN for students.
  • Students should only visit the Media Center for exchanges and take AR through their Language Arts class.
  • Remind students to please check in with Mrs. Bolin or myself when they come to the Media Center for any reason.

Keyhole Drawings

I loved this idea! Not only would this be great to show about a book a student is reading, but you could incorporate this into many other subjects. Math could use to it illustrate a word problem, science could show what a safe lab environment should look like prior to beginning experiments, students could illustrate something they have learned about a particular country, current events-even what the computer screen should look like before they leave their computer!

Yes-we are having a lot of issues with students forgetting to log out of their computers. Please help us remind them!

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Need a new suggestion for homework?

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KMMS Library Happenings

Its that time of year again! Just a heads up that I will be coming around soon to video your classroom or office as I put together our video inventory.

Snakes alive will be here October 23. The Media Center will be closed that day.

AR ends for the first nine weeks on October 24. Please have students plan ahead since the library is closed on the 23rd.

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