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February 28, 2320

Its Time we Found Out... Who is Jenna Fox?

Many people were wondering who is Jenna Fox? Is she really alive? Where is she now? I think it is time we all know the truth. All of these questions are going to be answered, as Fawaz Syed has gone to her house and is going to interview her in person! Below is the interview Fawaz had with Jenna.

Fawaz: What your feelings on you parents and Lily?

Jenna: I was absolutely sure Lilly hated me. Claire had a very annoying way of telling me things. My dad was always coming and checking on me, and I really liked how he would tell me the facts straight, unlike Claire. I knew I should have loved them all, but I didn't, because you can't love someone that you don't know.

Fawaz: Do you think that the videos you watched to regain your memories were helpful?

Jenna: Yes, they were. They brought many bits of information back to me. One big thing that really shocked me was when my parents made me two inches shorter so I could be more perfect.

Fawaz: Why did you ask Mr. Bender about what accident you were in and not your parents?

Jenna: I don't know why, but it did not seem right to ask my parents. It could have been something deep inside of me that told me not to. It was like there was a stop sign or wall. I knew sooner or later I have to break that wall and find out what really happened, so I asked Mr. Bender, because I was sure he knew. It toke him some time, but he told me I was in a car accident.

Fawaz: How did you feel when you were told you were basically a human lab rat and illegal, because you were made out of Bio Gel more than the FSEB allows?

Jenna: I slowly figured it out before they told me and I really got mad at them, because they still had not told me I was made out of gel. Anger also raged through me when I learned they made me shorter. I was very surprised and didn’t feel good when Lily told me that only 10% of me was real.

Fawaz: What were some of the main things you wanted ever since you woke up?

Jenna: I always wanted to gain their trust again. I wanted them to think of me as enough and I also wanted to be happy.

Fawaz: Why did you tell Ethan about Bio Gel?

Jenna: I felt like I had to tell someone and I did not want him to get upset with me with how I was acting.

Fawaz: What was in the locked closet in your parent's room?

Jenna: It took me some time, but I figured out that they were backups of Kara, Locke, and I.

Fawaz: How did you figure out Mr. Bender was Edward?

Jenna: An old memory came to me. I was a toddler looking at a picture of my dad's first car. I remembered that the exact car was in Mr. Bender's garage. I figured that it was my dad who gave Mr. Bender the car to run away.

Fawaz: Why do you want your backups destroyed?

Jenna: I wanted to be real. I wanted to be alive. You can't be alive if you can't die.

Fawaz: Why did you break the backups?

Jenna: I wanted Kara and Locke to be free. I did not want them to be stuck in a tiny box. I threw my backup, because I wanted to be a real human and real humans have to die at some point.

Fawaz: Why did you break the plates to get your parents to tell you about the programming they did to you?

Jenna: I was extremely mad at them for telling me that I was a normal girl, but they had programmed me to do what they say. They explained to me that they did not program me, but planted a strong suggestion to do certain things and for my safety, but I was still mad at them. I was very discouraged when I learned that everything I knew about education (like history) was uploaded and did not come from me.

Obituary for Locke Jenkins

Locke's best friends were Kara Mannings and Jenna Fox, the first human to be made out of Bio Gel more than the FSEB allowed. He is usually a rule follower, but has ditched school and went to the party he was not supposed to go to, which is why he ended up dying. He is very unique and weird about him in his way, because he also did very good with his grades and excelled in many different things. The reason he died was from a car accident, while getting away from a party. Kara Mannings, the driver of the car had her foot on the pedal, and when a curve came up that she did not notice, the car skidded of the highway. With that one tragic accident, Kara and Locke died.

The FSEB Makes Another Change on What is Human

FSEB is making a major change with the point score on what is human. The new law is terrifying for many out there. The FSEB has stated that to be human, you must have at least a percentage of 20% of real human to live. Almost everyone is saying this is outrageous. Many have gathered at the FSEB headquarters in Boston, creating massive riots. The FSEB has declared that the new law is final for at least the next 50 years. The law should be very well that you have to be at least 10% human to be considered human. Lives are very valuable and you should save them at any cost. Also, they have made a law where people who have gotten additional help to make you 49%, then you have to die at the age of 100. To make it even more outrageous, anyone who is 20% - 49% human cannot receive extra help like medications. There is more; if you are less than 20% human, you must turn yourself in, so the FSEB can kill you and no one else will get in trouble. If you do not turn yourself in and the FSEB finds you, then everyone involved is sentenced for jail, permanently. All the FSEB is doing is killing people and no one can stop them, which is not fair. This fight should not stop. We must go riot!

California's Weather

Most of California has good weather and is sunny with some clouds. North California is having high winds and rains. In Eureka, it is raining at 55 degrees. In Sacramento is partly cloudy with sunshine at 77 degrees. In San Francisco, it is windy in the sixties. Down in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego, it partly cloud, but between 75 - 100 degrees. Other than the city of Eureka and San Francisco, go outside, go out to the beach, and go have fun!

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