The Coffee Lord

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Come and see the world-class premier screening of The Coffee Lord at the 2015 Swan View Senior High School Art Awards Ceremony! In this crime action drama film we follow detectives James Mallory and Matthew Richards in their pursuit to catch and bring down a major criminal mastermind/drug lord, known only as The Coffee Lord. This high danger sociopath is responsible for the creation and distribution of "the coffee drug". James Mallory and Matthew Richards are determined to stop The Coffee Lord's plans and rid the streets of his malicious drug.

The Coffee Lord Premier

Monday, Dec. 7th, 7pm

Swan View, Western Australia, Australia

Swan View, WA

Awards Night Ceremony takes place at Swan View Senior High School and will be presented by Chris Hatzis.
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Ebenezer Joseph

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Liam Hallissey

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Christian Apa-Ap

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Cody Ross

Tri Blade Productions Production Company

Ebenezer Joseph
Liam Hallissey
Chrisitan Apa-Ap
Cody Ross

These four individuals are Tri Blade Productions. A film company that does it's best to create films that audiences will love. Although this particular production company is only relatively new, they are prepared to do what it takes for them to plan and produce extraordinary films that will leave viewers speechless.

Cast and Crew

The Coffee Lord - Ebenezer Joseph
Detective James Mallory - Cody Ross
Detective Matthew Richards - Liam Hallissey
Skylynx (Coffee Lord's bodyguard) - Christian Apa-Ap
Police Chief - Andrew Blaikie

Station officer - Noel Dawson

Ebenezer Joseph - Director, storyboard planner, cameraman
Liam Hallissey - Assistant scriptwriter, shot list planner
Christian Apa-Ap - Storyboard planner, cameraman
Cody Ross - Co-director, scriptwriter, storyboard planner
Michael Hart - Assistant producer