Leslie Ruiz

Texas Performance Standard Project

A group of students are coming to a specific region of America from another country for an extended stay. Where should they stay? What should they see during their trip?

Italy Exchange Student Trip

Saturday, March 5th, 7am to Tuesday, July 5th, 6pm

Rome, Italy

The group of exchange students will stay at Artemide Hotel, which is a 3-star hotel in Rome, Italy. They will get around by bus. Their goal is to learn about to culture and every day life of an Italian during this trip. The students will see famous landmarks and get to experience things Italians do every day.

The group of students will learn the Italian language. Some common phrases are:

  • (Hello!) Ciao!
  • (How are you?) Come sta?
  • (Where is the bathroom?) - Dove è il bagno?
  • (My name is Exchange Student.) - Il mio nome è Exchange Student.
  • (What is your name) - Quale è il Suo nome?
  • (When is my next class?) - Quando è la mia prossima classe?
The exchange students will be returning the United States by plane, by taking the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.


  • 6:44 PM - Hotel check-in
  • 7:15 AM - Breakfast
  • 10:00 AM - Clothes shopping
  • 12:20 PM - Lunch
  • 1:00 PM - Explore the city
  • 7:00 PM - Dinner
  • 7:00 AM - School
  • 3:45 PM - Get Out of School