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Stress + Your Skin

Many of us know firsthand how our worries can mirror itself through our skin. The way that we deal with it (more stress) leads to more acne, creating an ugly & annoying cycle! This isn’t news to the masses yet; more research is revealing the direct links between our brains and our skin. When hormonal breakouts occur topical treatments almost seem useless because the problem is more than skin deep.

It’s a simple equation: chronic stress + increased hormone levels + increase in oil (sebum) = Acne.


  • Don’t be picky- It can be so tempting to “pick” or “pop” your pimples, but doing this can lead to further problems. The drainage & bacteria can produce more breakouts.

  • If you can’t keep your hands away from your face make sure that your fingers/fingernails are clean to avoid spreading more acne causing bacteria on your skin.

  • Find a skincare regime that works for your skin. Keep in mind that your skincare needs do change with age and lifestyle. Topical treatments such as salicylic acid can lead to successful results.

  • If possible, avoid stress related triggers…this can be difficult but it is worth the effort.