T.E Lawrence

World War One Oficer

T.E Lawrence

Thomas Edward Lawrence/T.E Lawrence is a British army man that fought against Iran and Europe in world war one.He also was an oficer in the British army.


Date of birth:August 16th 1888

Date of death:May 19th 1935

Height: 1.86m

What he said in the war

1."Of all the men I have ever met, Al Auruns was the greatest prince."

(A sheikh who fought with Lawrence)

2."I felt at first glance that this was the man I had come to Arabia to seek - the leader who would bring the Arab Revolt to full glory. Feisal looked very tall and pillar like, very slender, in his long white silk robes and his brown head cloth... His eyelids were dropped; and his black beard and colourless face were like a mask against the strange, still watchfulness of his body."

Other Information

T.E Lawrence was the commander of the British army in world war one.

He trained and help the solders to become fierce solders for the British army.

By Amber Mitrani 4/5H