Mr. Bratcher

Media Arts Teacher

I'm excited to have you in my class!

This course will acquaint students with the aesthetic and technical concepts involved in the creation of video and audio media. Students will analyze, interpret, and create media products containing images, sound, music, and language in a variety of formats including print, web sites, and moving-image. This course is the foundation for students wishing to pursue a career path in film, web or graphic design.


Communicating with me will be part of this class and there are many ways to keep in touch with me. Please explore these options as they are crucial to your success in this class.


russell_batcher [@]





Google Classroom

First Block Code: h678aa

Fourth Block Code: rd48na

A few projects in Media Arts

The Latin and French translation of art means to fit together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for class?

You will need pencil/pen, sketchbook and access to your email, Google Classroom and a thumb drive.

Do we have test or even an EOC in an art class?

Yes, every unit has a unit test and you have an end-of-course exam in media arts.

Is this a typical art class, and what's the difference between media arts and art one? Is it easy?

This class falls under the Wando visual arts department. The curriculum was designed under the SC state standards for media arts. The difference between media arts and art one is that art one is centered around traditional media (pencil, acrylic, watercolor), history and techniques. Media incorporates traditional theories, but allows you to explore visual art by creating and analyzing it through use of the Web, apps, blogs, magazine, TV, history and your daily life. This class is challenging. You are expected to perform and produce artwork.

Welcome, and enjoy class!

I am looking forward to meeting each of you and helping you discover your strengths! We have lots of work to do, so come to class prepared and ready to work.