The Dream Team

4/11/16 Weekly Memo 34

You all ROCK! Enjoy Your 3 Day Weekend!

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This week our HERO focus is to identify the scholars who are demonstrating the Core Value....

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Table of Contents

  1. Week at a glance
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Duty Schedule
  4. Observation Focus Area
  5. Good Things
  6. Message from the Coach

Week at a Glance

Monday, April 11th:

No School

Tuesday, April 12th: A Day

Professional Dress

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Andrea's in Houston for Excellent School Visit

Wednesday, April 13th: B Day

College Top and business casual bottoms for $1 or Professional dress

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Wellness Wednesday

Thursday, April 14th: A Day

MAP Testing

8th Math & Science

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Art and Humanities Night

Friday, April 15th: B Day

MAP Testing

8th Math & Science

Jeans and College/HP Shirt

$2 Dress Down day

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Duty Schedule

Morning Duty- See the body of the email.

Lunch Duty- Teachers must arrive to pick up your class from the cafeteria at 11:39am (10:39am on Wed) for 6th grade and 12:23am (11:22am on Wed) for 7th & 8th grade teachers.

  • 6th Grade Lunch- Science Team Lead & Specials Team Lead and Administration

    7th & 8th Grade Lunch- Spanish and Humanities Team Leads and Administration

After School Duty- See the body of the email.

Coming Soon...

April 11th- No Shcool

April 14th- Humanities & Arts Night

April 12th-April 28th MAP Testing

April 26th- Progress Reports

April 29th- Scholar Holiday or Bad Weather Make-up Day

Observation Focus Area

Scholar:Teacher Cognitve Ratios- Think about how much you are requiring for scholars to do the cognitive lifting in your classroom. (ask yourself, am I thinking through all of the work or am I allowing scholars to grapple with the information on their own or as a team?)

Justification of responses from scholars- require scholars to explain how they reached the answer or believe their answer to be correct.

Good Things!

Mrs. Parks says...

Thank you to everyone who met with me this week! The conversations have been GREAT!
Thank you Ms. Golledge for an incredible mid-week memo!! Super informative and cute!! :)

Thank you Mr. G for getting everything set and ready for the math benchmark assessments and forr REcopying the Algebra booklets :)

Thank you Ms. Pietroboni for expressing your excitement and demonstrating your creativity to invest scholalrs in Saturday school!

Thank you Mrs. Brown for creating the intervention plans for ELAR!

Thank you Mr. Wilson and Mr. Houston for an INCREDIBLE school song!

Mr. Gardner says…

Shout out to Ms. Wallace for your testing wisdom!

Shout out to Ms. Gregory and Mr. Yater for benchmarking 6th and 7th SPED scholars!

Shout out to Ms. Landis for your invaluable help yesterday when we had the testing booklet mishap!

Shout out to everyone for your engagement and great ideas during PD yesterday!!

Mrs. Brown says…

Shout out to Mr. Luna for having scholars engaged and reading aloud during Intervention.

Mrs. Lamb-Peters for being flexible and allowing me to help teach Reading during Intervention. Thank you

Ms. Garcia for asking questions and making sure her Intervention class is on task.

Mrs. Parks for your encouraging words, always at the right time.

Mr. Gardner for your support and listening ear. So thankful for you..

Coach Bell for working with our students during Intervention. Thank you

ELA team, you guys rock and I am happy to work with such amazing ladies, Ms. Golledge included

Mr. Shepherd for always taking time to talk to me, thankful for all of our talks.

Ms. Wallace you are amazing and I appreciate you always asking me “ How are you?” Thank you

Ms. Pietroboni says…

Shout out to Ms. Wallace for making an amazing power point in celebration of Ms. Tratcha’s birthday! The Birthday Division of the Sunshine Committee is very proud of you!!!

Shout out to Ms. Mack, Ms. Brown, Ms. Moutry, Ms. Gregory, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Bell and Ms. Iwule for volunteering to teach at this past Saturday’s Saturday School! You are the heroes of my dreams.

An extra shout out to Ms. Moutry for wearing her zombie mask and wig.

Shout out to Mr. Wilson was surprising us and coming to help out at Saturday School. You add so much to our school and 6th grade team. You can never be replicated, but you could be moved up.

A Message from the Coach

Dearest Dream Team,

Thank you all for such a great week of conversations! I am so proud to be the director of the most hard working group on the planet! I appreciate each of you and I look forward to meeting with the rest of the team next week! Enjoy your 3 day weekend. I will see you all on Wednesday.

The Dream Team Will Fight,


Strategic Priorities

Professional Capacity

Goal: We will build upon the knowledge & skills of all staff members

Parent, School, & Community Ties

Goal: We will engage ALL stakeholders in the school’s culture.

School Learning Climate

Goal: We will create a safe and orderly environment that promotes the sense of urgency required to climb the ladder of academic and behavioral excellence.