MJPS Stage 3

Term 2 2015

Welcome back to Term 2. Our Stage 3 students have made an excellent start to the school year and we are now looking forward to building upon this throughout the rest of the semester. This newsletter aims to provide you with an outline of our teaching and learning programs for the term as well as some additional information regarding upcoming events.

All enquiries about student progress should be directed to the class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please make an appointment with the school office or by ringing 9349 8333.

Key Stage Dates and other Important Information.

Important dates for Stage 3 students are:

6th and 7th May: Raw Art incursion

8th May: Mother's Day Stall and Round 1 of Sport

12th- 14th May: NAPLAN for Year 5 students

15th May: Zone Cross Country

18th- 20th May: Stage 3 Camp @ The Great Aussie Bush Camp, Kincumber

3rd June: ICAS Science Test

4th June: 5R and 5L hosting school assembly 2pm

9th June: Multicultural Perspective Public Speaking Competition @Chifley PS

11th June: School Athletics Carnival

15th June: ICAS Writing Test

16th June: ICAS Spelling Test

22nd June: Year 5 Maritime Museum Excursion

24th June: Mufti Day

25th June: Year 5 South Sydney visit and Reports Go Home

Stage 3 Camp Reminders:

The bus will be leaving school at 8.45am on Monday 18th May. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE AT SCHOOL NO LATER THAN 8.15am. Students are to leave their overnight bag at the buses and proceed to the COLA area for roll call.

We are leaving camp at 1.10pm and expect to arrive back at school at approximately 3:00pm on Wednesday 20th May. This will be dependent on traffic. If arrival time is delayed, we will keep in touch with the school throughout the afternoon to inform waiting parents.

Please ensure you have returned the medical form information to school by Friday 8th May.

Term 2 Staffing

Class Teachers

5G - Mr Jeff Gold

5R- Mrs Merryn Ross

5L- Mrs Karen Livermore (Mondays- Thursdays) and Mrs Ana Andreu- Friday

6H- Mrs Winnie Ho

6N- Ms Trisha Noble

6W- Mr Brad Wiblen

Assistant Principal

Ms Trisha Noble

Support Staff

Mrs Sue Mirow- Library

Mrs Lois Worsely- EAL/D

Mrs Easter Carmeli- Learning Support

Learning Programs and Timetables

English and History/Science:

In the Writing and Representing strand this term, Year 5 students will be focusing on reviewing and creating well- structured persuasive texts. Year 6 will be focusing on informative texts.They will use their knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, language devices, punctuation and vocabulary when responding to and composing clear and cohesive texts.

In the Reading and Viewing strand, students will participate in activities which centre on a shared reading novel as well numerous visual literacy books and multimedia clips. When teaching reading, we not only want to help the students decode text but also engage with core ideas, adopt critical stances, make connections and enjoy the pleasures that being a fluent reader brings. The novels chosen for each class complement either the History or the Science learning program. This term, Year 5 will be studying history and will explore 'Australia as a Nation' and Year 6's scientific focus will be on ‘Electricity and Alternative Energy Sources’.

This term, Year 5's shared novels studied within their literacy groups are Onion Tears, Boy Overboard and Mahtab's story. These books support the History unit ‘Australia as a Nation- Migration Matters'. In this history unit, students will explore what is migration and reasons for it, different types of migration and Australian’s migration history.

Year 6 students will be using the Super Six comprehension strategies to build understanding of factual texts based around electricity and energy. They will also enjoy

‘Blueback’ by Tim Winton. These texts support their Science unit which explores alternative energy sources and the importance of sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint.

In Speaking and Listening the emphasis during Term 2 will be on the students presenting their ideas to an audience. This will be done during class discussions as well as formal presentations.

Mathematics: This term Year 5 and Year 6 students will be focusing on developing their understanding and knowledge in these areas: Pattern and Algebra, Multiplication and Division, Area, Time and 3D Space and Data. The Working Mathematically content is embedded in each topic.

ICT: This term, students will participate in a series of ICT tasks to support their learning Science and History units. Students will be using different web 2.0 tools to present their research. The use of different ipads apps such as explain everything, popplet, book creator will also be used to support students’ learning. How to be a safe digital citizen is also addressed regularly.

Year 6 students will be trialling a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative this term. Students will be invited to bring their own personal device (laptop, tablet) to school 2 days per week (Tuesday and Wednesday). The devices will be used for research purposes as students will be working on a project based assignment on a passion of their choice. The starting date and more information about this initiative will be sent home shortly.

PDHPE: As part of this Key Learning Area students will be involved in a mandatory Child Protection program where students learn to recognise and respond to unsafe situations, seek assistance effectively, develop protective strategies and strengthen attitudes related to equality, respect and responsibility. All students will participate in a PE lesson during the week, developing skills in Games & Sports situations as well as skills for the upcoming Athletics Carnival.

Creative Arts: This term Year 5 and Year 6 students will be participating in the RAW art program. Students will create artworks throughout the term using different media. They also develop core concepts of colour, design, pattern and shape.

Reminders and Interesting Information

Term Statement of Accounts

Last week in the mail parents have received the Term 2 statement of accounts. This lists all activities for each child at this school for Term 2. We hope that this information gives parents sufficient financial notice to plan for these costs. Parents can pay in the usual manner through the class money folders in either one lump sum or by instalments or activities. As previous, any parents seeking financial assistance should ask at the office or directly with the Principal.

It is important to note that students will continue to receive permission notes before each event, however these simply need to be signed and returned to the class teachers. Information about activities including Raw Art, Recorders and excursions may be unknown to parents at this point in time, but information will be coming out in a timely fashion before each event so parents are aware. What we are trying to do is to separate the information/permission side from the money side and make it easier for both parents and the school.

Light Show exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Arts:

If you are looking for something to do on the weekend, the Museum of Contemporary Arts is currently showing a 'Light Show' exhibition. There are many spectacular sculptures and installations on show. This might be of interest to the students who have been studying electricity at school to see how light can be used in different ways. Fpr more information. please visit


How to read with older children:

An interesting article which is worth a read.


Thank you for your ongoing support of your child and the school.

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