Technology Units

Madeline DeMille


When we did the iTrailer I made a trailer about my family. The pictures that I used were from when my family and I went to the Mall of America. When everyone was done with their iTrailers if you wanted to you could present them.

Explain Everything

For our Explain Everything we had to choose a story problem to figure out. Then we had to write the equation and use a visual to show the story problem. The next thing that we had to do was record out selves walking through the problem and saying how we got the answer.

Haiku Deck

For our Haiku Deck we had to it on our dream job. My dream job is to be a teacher. We had to get all of the information from Career Locker. After everyone was done with their projects we had to present them.


For coding we had to do the advanced level. To earn a 1 you had to complete stages 1 and 2. To earn a 2 to had to complete stages 3, 4, and 5. To earn a 3 you had to complete stages 6 and 7. To earn a 4 you had to complete stages 8 and 9.

Career Locker

For Career Locker we had Mrs. Vandenboogaard. We found our dream job and did a little research. We found out a lot of information. we also had to take some tests to see what we were like as a person meaning if we like to work with people of if we like to work interdependently. We also looked at what classes we liked best.

Learn to type/Typing web

On the first day of class we set up our account. Then every day when we come to class the first thing that we do is log in to Typing Wed. Then she sets the timer for five minutes. Our goal is to finish the intermediate course.