Hurricane Katrina 2005

by Blaine Bender and Parker Puckett

What happened at Katrina

While the storm was going on many people tried to evacuate but never were able to because of the severe flooding. A lot of people were trapped in homes and buildings because they were not able to get out and that was the cause of many of the deaths.

Ecological Impact

The impact on New Orleans was incredibly bad. A huge amount of industrial waste and raw sewage spilled into New Orleans neighborhoods. Oil spills from offshore rigs, coastal refineries, and corner gas stations made their way throughout residential areas and business districts. As well as into the ocean, which hurt many species of fish and other animals that were in those waters. An estimated 1,836 deaths occured in the hurricane and left millions homeless in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast.

Restoration Efforts

After Hurricane Katrina there was not much left standing. Everything was wiped out, including buildings, schools, churches, restaurants, and even homes. These things were all destroyed by the massive category 5 hurricane. The federal and state government played a supporting role in rebuilding New Orleans.They gave lots of money to fund the rebuilding of New Orleans.They start the rebuilding process when they know that all of the storm has gone away.Everyone helped out after the hurricane even if their houses were destroyed or their family members and loved ones were killed. The total property damage cost was about 81 million dollars.