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Last update: 1/24/22 12:45pm

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Please Contact our Nurse

Parents, please continue to contact our school nurse with positive cases. This is important for decisions being made at the county level.
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From our PTO President,

Hi Everybody!! The candy bar fundraiser isn't going as smoothly as I'd wished. I think we all thought that by 2022, things would be somewhat normal...but here we are. So...here's my plan for our off week...hopefully just a week. I will be at the school on Wednesday at 12 until 2 to collect money from sold bars and distribute more if they want. For those that haven't received or turned in their permission slip yet, they can that day and collect their first box. A permission slip must be signed in order to take any chocolate home. I will have some available on Wednesday.

Any student that sells 4 boxes will get to attend the game truck prize event this spring. Top overall seller (must sell at least 5 boxes) gets $100. If we have a tie, we'll have a drawing.

Thanks for all your help!!

Leigh Verble

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Central will be at Level 1 beginning 1/19/22

Beginning tomorrow, January 19, 2022, all staff and students will be required to wear masks. The end date for masks is undetermined at this time. We will keep you posted.
Thanks, Central School Administration


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Registration for Pre-K

Registration opens on January 15th.

For more information, go to https://prek.alaceed.alabama.gov. or email


Random Drawing - March 31 at 9am

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Clinic Needs:

Facial tissue

Cello Sponges ( for ice packs)

Sandwich and snack bags (square) for ice packs

Paper towels

Feminine Pads (does not need pantyliners)

Latex free bandaids

Our Spelling Bee Winners: Rowan Abello and the alternate Aida Hodge

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Students' PowerSchool Login

Students are now able to log into PowerSchool and see their grades.

Students should go to:


• select "Student Sign In"

• select their Google Account on the next screen.

Progress reports will be sent home today along with the Parent Portal Login info for PowerSchool.

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2021-2022 School Calendar

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Reminder: MCSS Reopening Plan for Level 1 requires face masks for all staff, students, and visitors. Our goal is to remain at level 1 for the remainder of the school year.
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