Human Modification of the Ecosystem

By: Shannon Seehusen


A complex relationship between the living resources, habitat, and people living there.

Land Transformations

  • Forests help to modify the environment
  • When tropical forests are destroyed it isn't easy for them to regrow because there are poor soil conditions, this could lead to the extinction of rare animals
  • CO2 trap


  • 2/3 of the world's major cities area along the coast
  • Many people take their vacations along the shorelines
  • Not only is pollution killing animals directly (bottles, cans, etc), it is killing them indirectly by destroying there habitats or food.
  • Toxic chemicals
  • If the marine life is affect, humans are affected
  • Banned chemicals to prevent further harm

Climate Change

  • Global warming
  • When deforestation occurs more CO2 is released into the atmosphere
  • Agriculture also releases more CO2 when the land is tilled up


  • CO2
  • pesticides
  • livestock
  • burning of vegetation biomass
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