Peter the Great Brochure

By Jason Mangano

Early Rule

  • First took the throne at 10 years of age in 1682.
  • Put Russia on the road to becoming a great modern power.
  • Set out to learn about Western Ways for himself in 1697.
  • Embarked on a policy of westernization


  • Showed no mercy to those who resisted the new order
  • Used force to gain territory
  • Interested in Western-styled technology and clothing


  • Expanded Russia's borders in 1689
  • Captured territory along the ballistic sea from the Ottoman Empire in 1709
  • Made a new capital called St. Petersburg
  • Created a powerful army


  • Boyars must shave their beards
  • Boyars must serve the state in civilian or military positions
  • Nobles retained control over their land