Causes of the Civil War Timeline

By-Annalise Soto

Missouri Compromise of 1820

Henry Clay wanted one free state and one slave state clearing the problems of the rivalry between the north and the south of america.The north was against slavery while the south approved slavery.

Wilmot Proviso

In 1846 Wilmot Proviso wanted to end slavery by examining the land by mexico he made a proposition that would divide the congress.

Compromise of 1850

Henry Clay wanted to prevent further territory in the South.By explanation of slavery while stregthing the fugitive slave act.This keeping the balance in congress.

Fugitive Slave Act

On September 18,1850 the south and the north created an act respecting the fugitive from justice and slaves escaping from there owners.This act tryed to end the slaves from running away from there owners.

Kansas Nebraska Act

In 1854 Stephen Douglas wanted to let people decide if they wanted or not.Because he wanted to propose the popular soverrighity.

Bleeding Kansas

In 1854-1861 Kansas wanted to used the terms to describe the period or violence during the settling of Kansas Territory.The Kansas-Nebraska act over turned the Missouri compromise use of the boundaries between slave and free territory.They used the prinipale of popular soverirghty

Dred Scott v. Sandford

In Virginia of 1857 Dred Scott wanted freedom from slavery

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

In Illinos of 1858 Lincoln Douglas wanted to end slavery by fighting against senate