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April 2016

With the school year winding down, you may be in the midst of end of year celebrations, performances, competitions, grading, and closing up your room. You might be about to gear up for summer school or looking forward to vacation. Whether you read now or come back to it in July, we hope that this C&I Bulletin will be useful to you when you are ready to think about summer PD and your plans for next year. Our goal is to ensure high levels of learning for all members of the Fox C-6 community by coordinating our efforts in professional development, curriculum writing, and community engagement. We strive to ensure that all district initiatives work together so that everyone’s efforts in classrooms, in buildings, and on district committees are valued. The C&I bulletin is one way to see how our efforts connect and overlap.

CSIP Update

On April 20th, over 150 teachers, staff, parents and community members gathered for our Community Engagement Forum. At this forum, participants were asked to review the draft of the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and provide feedback on what strategies need to be addressed first. All strategies will be addressed during the 5-year time frame but we wanted to know what is most important for our community. If you were unable to attend and would like to give you input, please take a moment to complete the following survey:


Power-Standards Feedback

Power-standards are an important way for us to focus our work. Once we have approved and published power-standards for each subject area, they will guide our work in PLC teams and on Units of Instruction.

Please take a minute to provide your feedback about each of the subject areas that you teach. Each link takes you to a one-question survey that asks you to rate the power-standards for a subject area from 5 to 0 and provides an opportunity for open-ended feedback. Click here for links to all power-standards feedback forms.

Complex Tasks

Complex performance tasks allow educators to assess multiple power-standards at once Click here to learn what complex tasks are, what they look like, and how the connect to power-standards.


Literacy Teacher Spotlight: Jamie Davis, Christina Lindemann, and Denise Hoesli- Simpson Elementary

Innovative educators Jamie Davis and Christina Lindemann at Simpson Elementary, have struggled with the dilemma of how to mainstream their special education students into writing mini-lessons. Jamie came up with the idea of livestreaming the mini-lesson portion from a 5th grade classroom to the resource room. When 5th grade teacher Mrs. Hoesli is ready to begin her lesson, she connects to a Google Hangout and is able to live-stream the lesson to the resource room. “The special education students are actively engaged as the lesson is being brought to them,” stated Jamie.

When the lesson is complete, Mrs. Lindemann follows the same lesson plan as Mrs. Hoesli with individualized modifications in place. Jamie Davis states, “The live-streaming of the writing lesson has created an even closer bond between the special education students, their 5th grade peers, and teachers. They are excited to share their finished papers with Mrs. Hoesli because they feel a new sense of community and increased love of writing.”

Federal Programs Update

  • Title I- Students and their family members enjoyed a great night of learning fun at the 5th Annual Title I Education Fair on April 13th. The 354 attendees were able to play (and take) fun educational games purchased with Title I parent involvement funds. Parents were able to give input on future Title I endeavors that night as well as attend a brief workshop highlighting tips and benefits of reading together as a family.

  • Title II- Staff members are applying daily to attend the various workshops being offered this summer provided by Title II funds. It is going to be a great summer of learning for many staff members in the Fox C-6 School District. What a wonderful way to serve as a living examples of what it means to be “lifelong learners” for our students!

  • Title III- The ACCESS scores are already in! For the first time ever, our ELL students took the yearly ACCESS assessment online. As a result, we have already received the results. User friendly reports detailing each student’s progress are being sent home with every ELL student in the district so that parents are kept informed of the English language learning that has taken place this school year. WE have a lot to be proud of!

  • All Federal Programs- Through a thorough needs assessment and great community participation, the 2016-2017 compliance plans have been submitted to The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. While the school year is winding down, we in the federal programs department are gearing up for the 2016-2017 school year. We have so many great things to look forward to next year!

Professional Development

PD Needs Assessment

Each year we administer a Needs Assessment to help us reflect on the past year and plan for the future in regards to Professional Development. I ask that you take a minute to complete this survey so that we can ensure that we are offering high-quality professional development that helps you grow in your practice and helps us move all students forward. We have 2 different surveys this year based on your role in the district. Please select the one that applies to you.

Teachers, Administrators, Counselors and Librarians
Certified Staff Needs Assessment 2015-2016

Nurses, SLPs, OT/PTs, Paraprofessionals, Teacher's Aides, Teacher's Assistants and Secretaries
Support Staff Needs Assessment 2015-2016

We are always looking for staff members who are willing to present their best practices to others. Therefore, we have created a Google Doc to compile a list of people who are willing to present PD on various topics. Please select the link below and add your name to our list if you are interested.

Possible PD Presenters

Instructional Technology

Fox Teachers Piloting new Teacher Laptops

Members of the Fox C-6 Edtech Advisory Team are currently piloting 3 possible teacher laptops that will eventually replace teachers' current desktop computers. Leading up to this pilot, the Edtech Advisory Team, a group made of of teachers and administrators from buildings around the district, worked to identify the necessary features of a laptop that would meet the needs of teachers across the district. The committee's vision is that teachers will be able to use their laptops to complete their jobs both in the classroom and on the go, and to create an interactive environment in the classroom where teachers can wirelessly connect to a projector and annotate on the screen of their laptop while teaching.

Be on the lookout for these pilot laptops in your building and be sure to ask your building representative(s) for their feedback.

College and Career Readiness

College Acceleration Program Update

The Fox C6 School District is proud to announce our first graduating class within C.A.P (College Acceleration Program) earning honors recognition through Jefferson College. C.A.P. is an innovative learning environment designed to inspire and motivate students who have the drive to begin their college journey before they leave high school. C.A.P provides qualifying students with a head start for college and career success! The Fox C6 School District partnered with Jefferson College to offer our students the opportunity to earn an AA (Associate of Arts Degree) while earning their high school diploma. The students complete a rigorous curriculum starting their junior year of high school combined with flexible coursework supported by technology. Students then complete C.A.P. their senior year of high school. This is our first cohort (19 students total) to complete the program and we couldn't be more excited for our students gaining a head start on their college journey. In addition to our first cohort graduating we currently have 18 juniors in cohort II and 20 sophomores that were just accepted into cohort III to start the program next year.

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